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App Discovery in Context (GrowthStack 2016 Presentation)

  2. BI Intelligence 2016 The Google and Facebook Duopoly in Advertising Revenue… There is little room for the “others” ($Millions) 0 7.5 15 22.5 30 Quarter Q1 '15 Q2 '15 Q3 '15 Q4 '15 Q1 '16 Q2 '16 Q3 '16 Google Facebook Yahoo Twitter AOL
  3. BI Intelligence 2016 While Everyone Else is Stagnating The $GOOG and $FB Duopoly Is Only Growing US Digital Ad Revenue Google Facebook Everyone Else 0 10 20 30 40 9.7 5.7 17.4 32.8 9.9 3.4 14.2 27.5
  4. Kenshoo, 2016 8% Year-over-Year CPIs increasing Limited Choices, Higher Expenses A Kenshoo report found that from 2014 to 2015, cost per install rose over 300%, and over the last year, is up 8%, meaning you’re spending more of your budget on these platforms.
  5. Comscore 0 150 300 450 600 Mobile Web App Properties with Over 5M Users in the United States Meanwhile, the Audience is Everywhere! Nearly 600 properties on mobile web that have over 5M users
  6. …With Ads Under Pressure, “Other” Publishers Turn to Commerce Business Insider has commerce revenue was up 400 percent in the first quarter of 2016 versus the year-ago quarter. Fifteen people working on, a product review site based on the affiliate model. Experimenting with product posts through a commerce arm, BuzzFeed Product Labs In one of the biggest acquisitions, The New York Times bought The Wirecutter to expand their affiliate offerings.
  7. Comscore Q1 2016 Great Timing: Mobile App Commerce is Exploding! 2-3% YOY Physical Retail 15% YOY eCommerce 40% YOY mWeb Commerce 70% YOY App Commerce 0 2750 5500 8250 11000 April May Untitled 1 Untitled 2 Untitled 3 Untitled 4 Year-over-year growth is trending upwards at an all-time-high for mobile.
  8. Criteo, 11/2015 370% the rate of mobile websites. Mobile apps convert at Mobile Commerce Apps Outperform Apps work because they make browsing fun and buying easy, and are generally used by retailers’ most loyal customers.
  9. Leading Publishers Turning to Button for Commerce Top companies from a variety of key verticals including travel, digital media, loyalty, utility and more.
  10. Tap a Button Making Content Actionable with Your Brand Button uses the context of publisher apps and sites to help connect people to the exact action they want to take, like reserving a specific restaurant through OpenTable after viewing it on Foursquare.
  11. Easily Book or Buy To increase the likelihood of conversion, users see a preview of real-time inventory inside the publisher app before being sent to purchase. Preview Inventory, Capture High Intent
  12. Mobile Top of Funnel is Diverse Mobile Web Other Apps In-App Web There are many potential entry points an acquisition sources for your app, and Buttons work for them all.
  13. Connect All Top of Funnel to Your App Mobile Web Other Apps In-App Web Best of all, we keep the look and feel consistent across all mobile experiences.
  14. Mobile Web to App Support We brought the affiliate model from desktop and designed it for the mobile world, including mobile web.
  15. Mobile Web to App Support We still offer the native-feeling inventory preview to capture only high-intent users.
  16. Mobile App Affiliate — Finally Accessible! Lack of traffic sources? New sources of Publisher supply exist! Complex metrics and measurement? Partner for accurate mobile measurement! Poor landing experiences? Use deep links for landing experiences! Multiple devices and varied paths? Route users appropriately! Mobile introduced challenges for affiliate, and Button brought the solutions.
  17. Mobile App Affiliate Is Efficient 0% 4.5% 9% 13.5% 18% StumbleUpon LinkedIn Twitter Pinterest Facebook Google Ask Search Yahoo Bing Button Consistently a higher conversion rate, on average
  18. Bringing You New Users…Who Buy Over & Over Again 0% 7.5% 15% 22.5% 30% Search Affiliate Paid Social Button Button shows a higher new user repeat purchase rate, on average compared to leading acquisition channels.
  19. Cost Per First Purchase (CPFP) Retailer App Average $114 Retailer App Average (Holiday Season) $145+ Button Partner Average ~ $30 According a study conducted by Liftoff and Button Proprietary Data. 3-5x Lower New User Acquisition Cost When you work with Button, you’ll pay less for high value users.
  20. It’s Now Cheaper Than Ever to Retain Users CleverTap, June 2016 For every $100 you spend on acquiring a user… …it only costs a third of that amount to keep them
  21. Loyal Customer $38 Lapsed Customer
 $65 Potential Customer
 $114 Segment for More Efficient Acquisition Instead of paying one price for very different customers, distinguish user types and effectively pay less to re-engage existing customers than you would spend to acquire a new user.
  22. And that is the technology we’re building for the Button Marketplace. In August, Button teamed up with Ibotta to launch a solution that allows mobile app marketers to acquire users more efficiently than any other channels offer.
  23. Introducing Button Customer Segments New Customer Existing CustomerLapsed Customer Pay only the desired amounts to acquire new customers or re-engage existing ones. Change deals and spend in real-time to optimize for performance goals. Every install and transaction is attributed and affiliated to understand top performers.
  24. -Bryan Leach, CEO of Ibotta “No Affiliate network offers such real-time differences in rewards or commissions based on customer segmentation. Since launch, there has been over a million dollars weekly in in-app purchases.”
  25. 9 out of 10 consumers received mistargeted offers from advertisers As a result, 31% say they are unlikely to buy products from the brand in the future Janrain, 2015 Targeting to Find Interest Often Backfires
  26. Instead, Find Users In Context We’ve built a level of context matching that shows Buttons around relevant content.
  27. Context Matching Placement Show around relevant context, for example, a location, product, artist, or venue
 Rule Building Show brands most relevant for the user -- if your product or inventory is closer, for example
 Modes Dynamically show different types of product inventory or experiences (Modes) based on the content surrounding them
  28. And Find Users in The Right Time and Place We’ve build a level of matching that shows Buttons at the right time and in the right place.
  29. Core Attributes Time Different times of day, when your products are most relevant Date Different dates and periods of time Location Different locales and countries, and based on a user’s proximity Language Different languages and to different language speakers
  30. Personalized by Customer Segments We’ve built a level of matching that shows Buttons, personalized to your different types of customers.
  31. Customer Segments Existing Customers Automatically create segments of your existing customers so that when your Button is shown to them, it will be personalized by their past purchase behavior. Lapsed Customers Reach lapsed customers based on their time since last purchase to re-engage them to purchase again New Customers Reach new customers with higher incentives to convert first trial usage New Customer Existing Customer Download app First Purchase Increase average order value Increase app opens, repeat purchases
  32. With Personalization Find Users in Context In The Right Time and Place With Button, You:
  33. Trusted by the best Leading commerce brands are already using Buttons and seeing success.
  34. Scale your partnerships with measurement, attribution, and affiliation built right in — in real time! Results you can measure
  35. What can you do? Button Focuses on Integrations to Acquire Users Simple IntegrationAll Mobile Experiences High Intent Users We take care of everything so you can focus on your core business. Join The Button Marketplace