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MISA BC Conference - 2011

Getting Started With Social Media

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MISA BC Conference - 2011

  1. 1. Getting Started with Social MediaChris Burdge @b_WESTSeptember 22, 2011
  2. 2. credentials Online marketing since 1994 McCann Erikson, Publicis, Cove-Ito (Japan) Fortune 500 brands: Nestle, HP, Coca-Cola Founded bWEST – July 2009 Co-founder – Social Media Camp
  3. 3. mediarevolution
  4. 4. 1900’s 1400’s1800’s 1800’s
  5. 5. yesterday’s news
  6. 6. today’s engagement
  7. 7. marketers (IT professionals) must be prepared to evolve…
  8. 8. What isSocial Media ?
  9. 9. Social ~ thecharacteristic of living organisms. Itrefers to the interaction of organisms with otherorganisms (people) and to their collective co-existence. Media ~ tools used to deliver, share& store information or data.
  10. 10. social networksSocial Networks You Know Online Social Networks Religious Facebook Charity Linkedin Chamber of Commerce  Twitter Networking Group MySpace Sports Teams YouTube Book Club  Google+
  11. 11. OutpostsBase Camp
  12. 12. TwitterAmicro-blogging service allowing users to send& read “tweets” which are text-based posts ofup to 140 characters in length.
  13. 13. what to tweet Mantra: always add value… A blog post Ask a question / get feedback Provide customer service Retweet something interesting / useful Comment on a tweet Reply to a tweet / question
  14. 14. what not to tweet What you had for breakfast, unless it was truly awesome… What your cat had for breakfast, or anything else about your cat…And always remember, the Internet never forgets,and that’s a long time…
  15. 15. Tweet Rule 10 : 1Value-add : Marketing
  16. 16. areyoulistening?
  17. 17. thingsyou can dotoday
  18. 18. 1. Create or update your LinkedIn profile2. Open a Twitter account a. Find people to connect with3. Set-up Hootsuite& start listening…
  19. 19. Thank You Social Media Camp – Special Offer Save 20% on… SMC Victoria Workshop http://ow.ly/6CdRu 9am – 5pm, Oct 18thVictoria Marriott Coupon code: MISA