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Designer wanted Job advert

Presentation of the site www.designerwanted.bysted.dk - a new approach to the job advert.

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Designer wanted Job advert

  1. 1. Hi there, talented digital designer, we are looking for you WHO ARE WE
  2. 2. 'gigant Kurt-in : vigqoiiialtieiiniá , wiiiaziaizaiutiizie WHO ARE WE T HI, vre are Bysted As one of Denmark's largest strategic designe and Bysted is also home to a group of digital enthusiasts who are passionate about communication agencies, we help our clients strengthen their business. crafting beautiful experiences that makes a tangible difference 'Ie are proud of identity, relations and communications across media and channels otir heritage and position as experts within design and UX But for us, digital is also about fun, play, diaiogue, interaction, involvement and experiences READ MORE ON BYSTEDDK lF THAT SOUNDS INTRIGUING, PLEASE CONTINUE READING.
  3. 3. bysted ' CULTURE AND SOClAL CULTURE AND SOCIAL I-h w e are genuinely nice people who care about each other Every week + starts out with a joint breakfast, and we wrap up the week by enioying various beverages Friday afternoon In between. we inspire. coliaborate, help each other and have fun And do Work. of course CDME AND JOiN US Beer-tasting, "faglige fredage", ivineetasting, football manager competitions and annual christmase and summer parties, are among our other favourite pastimes 0 ur culture encourages initiative and if you have a spark for something creative, go ahead We have been involved in , Co-invented with our Sivedish friends from , and we have iust brought to
  4. 4. bysted WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR w e are looking for a designer But notiust any designer You'll need to be talented and truly passionate about pixel pushinq, UX and creating design that'll make people go "uuuh, that's nice" You think in prototypes and you can validate your ideas by quickly mocking up something in html or an app/ softvrare like Webflow om new colleague? 6-1-
  5. 5. .i tret: lavt? års "eiauiiintiâiai Iso, you must be a friendly person who's keen on knowledge sharing, A teamwork and walking that extra mile now and then You might have a degree in design Or a background as a chef Or a sailor who have been r designing in secrecy Anything goes We value a strong portfolio, skill set. a get-stuff-done attitude and people skills far more than educational background and fancy titles on paper Please disregard what your school r N papers say and just show us what you have created and how you work Our new colleague? r . l 44,0 Syg/ V E / S ; VEN 8 Engl? & HOWEVER, THE MORE OF THESE SKILLS YOU POSSESS, THE BETTER: lli iFWl i" EXPERIENCE WITH DESIGNING FOR EXCELLENT ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE HTML/ CSS SKILLS EXPERIENCED lN CREATING MULTIPLE PLATFORMS SKlLLS PROTOTVPES
  6. 6. bysted l t “E WHEREWEWORK E Fi - 'l i ii cap" t. , . i li' ' . irl il il Iii Il llll ⁄' r - v . ll l 1 . ' ' 4 , jfáillllill i; .r
  7. 7. bysted HOW DO WE WORK HOW DO WE WORK w e ivork in close collaboration ivith our clients to help them and their . + businesses succeed. This includes workshops. tight-knit communication and an iterative and agile approach Sketches, prototypes, post-its, discussions, vrliiteboards, Adobe Creative Suite and similar software are among our weapons of choice ⁄ excellent UX and captivating design is the result
  8. 8. 'üiqiiiitaáriiii-Lqiaie iffsá WHAT CAN WE OFFER YOU Fun work, nice people, flexibility and responsibility ⁄ as well as: i 'tliñifitrâleâllä Jisiêâäáiin ttliaüáiáiviatt-“iaie åt-tiiistiiuåifiáitä litt?
  9. 9. GET lN TOUCH IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, THEN PLEASE CONTACT US. Drop by our office for a quick coffee, or call l+452663b03D) You can also catch us on , , or We will treat any request viith full confidentiality If you iivish to apply for the position, please send us a link to your portfolio. a link to your Linkedlneprofile and T0 lines describing you as a person English is not a preretiuisite, s0 (to submit your DanishiGerman/ language of your choice application Please send your application or drop by asap GET lil TOUCH I-h
  10. 10. BYSTED A/ S ul“"*7ivaty"'-*r⁄ RENTEMESTERVEJ 2B 2400 KØBENHAVN NV