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Republic of Texas History Complex
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Appleton - The Daughters of The Republic of Texas (DRT) Newsletter

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For more information about this project, please contact the DRT at its office in Austin. I designed and wrote this newsletter for The Vision Team, along with a campaign pledge card and smaller brochure for general distribution. The PowerPoint that matches this set of printed documents is also posted on SlideShare.

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Appleton - The Daughters of The Republic of Texas (DRT) Newsletter

  1. 1. Republic of Texas History Complex Fall, 2009 The Daughters of The Re p u b lic o f T e x a s Campaign Update: A Vision for the 21st Century Inside this issue: Campaign Update 1-2 Encouraging Historic 1 Tourism The DRT and Republic of 2 Texas Museum DRT Mission Guides 2 The national economy is on the mend. cial in nature, the building was not intended Vision Texas is a strong state and thankfully it has to be a museum. It is not easy for visitors to Accountability: Facts fared better than others, for which we are find, nor does it have adequate parking for 3 You Should Know grateful. Although the past several months school buses and large numbers of visitors. have been challenging, planning continues As the role of The Daughters of The Republic of Texas 3 unabated on the Republic of Texas History Republic of Texas expands in the future, an Complex Contributors Complex, and enthusiasm remains high. New appropriate setting for museum exhibitions, momentum has come this fall as we conduct Campaign Phases 3 educational programs for visitors of all advanced research regarding major pro- ages, and community activities like confer- Keeping Public Officials 4 spective donors and refine our campaign ences, family gatherings and festivals is Informed documents in order to present the strongest needed. The best way to accomplish this is possible case for support. to centralize the work of our association at A Vision for the 21st Century is our guid- one location. The site next to the French ing concept. It involves the relocation of the Legation is ideally suited for this purpose. Facts in Brief DRT business office and Republic of Texas Nancy Shurtleff, Chair of the Vision Museum to property adjacent to the historic  $9.5 million goal, with $8.5 Team, remarks, “The past year, our primary French Legation. Today, The Daughters of- purpose has been to move beyond creating million remaining to secure. fers educational programs for all ages in its awareness of the Vision, to fundraising. Museum, as well as the association’s daily  Donors of $10,000 and more will Contributions in the amount of $146,385 business operations, in a building located in (pledges of $36,400) have been given by be permanently recognized in North Austin under an unattractive overpass the RTH Center. Naming oppor- individuals, families and foundations. We at the intersection of U.S. Highway 183 and thank each and every one who has tunities are being developed. Interstate Highway 35. Originally commer- (continued on page 2)  The RTH Center will be a “green” building that respects and com- Encouraging Historic Tourism pliments the architecture of the The new Republic of Texas History services offered in the new Complex. East Austin neighborhood in Complex will allow The Daughters of The Increased historic tourism will add not only to which it will be located. Republic of Texas to increase its role in the our association’s income, but also to the city  Republic of Texas Museum and economic development of Austin and the and county through increased sales at hotels, DRT Business Office will relocate surrounding region. It is our intention to part- restaurants and retail stores. Heritage ner with the Austin Convention and Visitors tourism is a billion dollar industry in Texas. to new Republic of Texas History Bureau and other community groups to Center for improved efficiency. We are pleased to expand our role in develop joint promotional activities to this arena in the years ahead. increase the public’s awareness of the
  2. 2. Page 2 Republic of Texas History Complex Campaign Update: A Vision for the 21st Century (continued from page 1) term maintenance.  Texas Family Research contributed thus far.” Center Funding will be sought The campaign’s goal is from individuals, families,  Meeting and Confer- $9.5 million. Of this foundations, corporations ence Accommodations amount, $1 million will be and government sources. An provided by the sale of our initial architectural rendering  Gift Shop North Austin building and of the Republic of Texas  DRT Business Office charitable donations al- History Center has been ready given. This leaves drawn by Tom Hatch of  Additional Parking. $8.5 million remaining to Hatch + Ulland Owen Archi- Naming opportunities secure. Included in the tects, Austin (page 1). While are being developed. campaign budget are the details are still being re- Donors of $10,000 and costs of property acquisi- fined, key elements include: larger will be recognized tion adjacent to the French on a permanent plaque in  Visitor’s Center with Legation, building construc- the new facility. We will Republic of Texas map courtesy of the Viewing Theatre tion, equipment and furnish- keep you informed as our DeGolyer Library, SMU. The James ings, parking improvements,  Republic of Texas work continues. Butler Bonham DRT Chapter sponsors a and endowment for long- Museum Texas history research scholarship Thank you! annually at SMU. The Daughters of The Republic of Texas and Republic of Texas Museum The Daughters of The Republic of Texas is one of the oldest patriotic women’s associations in Texas and in the nation. In 1891, plans were made for an association to be composed of women who were direct descendants of the men and women who established The Republic of Texas. Currently, there are more than 6,500 members of DRT in Texas and the United States as well as internationally, participating in 106 chapters statewide. The DRT maintains and oversees the Alamo and the DRT Library in San Antonio; the association’s headquarters, Republic of Texas Museum, and French Legation Museum in Austin; the Cradle in Galveston; and other properties overseen at the individual chapter level. In 1894, The Daughters began to collect artifacts for what would become the Republic of Texas Museum. In 1903, The Daughters were assigned a room in the East Wing of the State Capitol to display the collection. Eventually, more room was needed, and in 1917, The Daughters were given the use of the second floor of the General Land Office. In 1991, the collection was moved to its current location at 510 East Anderson Lane in North Austin. DRT Mission Guides Vision A Vision for the 21st Century is designed to help us better achieve the mission of The Daughters of The Republic of Texas, and to better serve the citizens of our State and nation. As our members know, we strive to: ~ Perpetuate the memory and spirit of those who achieved and maintained the independence of Texas. ~ Provide educational programs of the highest caliber in coordination with area school districts and the Texas Education Agency, as well as educational programs for the general public. ~ Encourage research into early Texas records, preserve historic documents, and encourage the publication of historic records. Berryman Family gravestone from the 19th century, ~ Secure and memorialize historic sites. Brookeland, Texas (photo courtesy of Paul Ridenour).
  3. 3. Fall, 2009 Page 3 Accountability: Facts You Should Know Republic of Texas History Complex Accountability is critically important for all nonprofit organizations today, Contributors including The Daughters of The Republic of Texas. We thought you might like to know these important facts. Our thanks go to the DRT Board of Management and staff for their continued outstanding stewardship of our Thank you! Donors of $500 and larger to A Vision for the 21st Century to date include: organization and its finances.  Internal Revenue Service Designation. The Daughters of The Republic of Bob and Carol Steakley (Odessa) Nancy Shurtleff (Austin) Texas is classified as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our Employer Identification Florence Dodington (Martindale) Number is 74-1193444. Contributions are deductible to the extent Saunders Family Foundation (Houston) allowed by law. Virginia Bronson (Kerrville) Austin Community Foundation (Austin)  GuideStar. GuideStar (www.guidestar.org) is the leading online Betty Bird (Austin) resource for donors seeking information about nonprofit organizations Ida Marie Offerman (New Braunfels) and their financial status. The DRT has 123 listings on GuideStar. The Patricia Horridge (Austin) Faye Elder (Arlington) organization has made it easier to identify our headquarters by having William Perry Clements, III Foundation (Dallas) it appear first when one completes an online search. You can also Stephen F. Austin Chapter of DRT (Austin) make a donation online to the DRT via GuideStar, and you may specify William B. Travis Chapter of DRT (Austin) your gift for The Vision. Betty Jo Edwards (Houston) Gayla Lawson (Lakeway)  Accounting Services. The DRT is in good standing with the IRS and Reuben Hornsby Chapter of DRT (Austin) regularly files a Form 990 (tax return). Jennifer Siemer, Shareholder, Carolyn M. Reed (New Braunfels) Tsakopulos Brown Schott & Anchors, P.C. of San Antonio (210-696- Joshua D. Brown Chapter of DRT (Kerrville) John Ellen Becker (Austin) 5177 and www.tbsacpa.com), is our primary point of contact. We Cynthia Anderson (Georgetown) appreciate their excellent service. We also thank Karen Clogston, Alice Nowotny (The Hills) Treasurer General of the DRT Board of Management, for her diligent Texian Chapter of DRT (Austin) oversight. Texas Star Chapter of DRT (Houston) Elise P. Kidd (Austin)  Banking Relationship. A Vision for the 21st Century maintains its bank Doris Kemp (Salado) account at Frost National Bank. Our contact is Anthony White, Jean Sitterle (Houston) 888-481-0336. Charles Taylor Chapter of DRT (Dallas) Lacretia McReynolds and ExxonMobil  Investments. Yes, we do accept gifts of stock! Our investment firm is Matching Funds (Houston) Edward Jones, Nacogdoches, Texas. Our contact person is Gary Miss Ima Hogg Chapter of DRT (Houston) Sandra Burns (Dallas) Russell, 936-560-2702. Evenly Reininger (Rosanky)  Questions? Call Lana Boussidan at the DRT Business Office in Austin, Frances Tomlinson (Austin) 512-339-1997 (lana.boussidan@drtmuseum.org). Thank you! Campaign Phases A Vision for the 21st Century has five primary to the French Legation site on San ~ Phase IV - Secure funding for and phases totaling $9.5 million. With donations Marcos Street on which the Center will establish Preservation and Education already given, and the eventual sale of our North be built, building and furnishing the Endowment Fund for long-term main- Austin facility, $8.5 million remains to be raised. Center, reprogramming exhibits and tenance of the Republic of Texas The DRT is currently engaged in fundraising for artifacts, creating Republic of Texas History Complex ($1,000,000) Phase II. It is anticipated the entire campaign will Family Research Center require work spanning five years. ($7,400,000), UNDERWAY ~ Phase V - Formally acquire French Legation Museum from State of Texas ~ Phase I - Marketing Campaign ($100,000) ~ Phase III - Acquire additional (donation anticipated). The DRT has property next to French Legation managed this site since 1949. ~ Phase II - Develop Republic of Texas History Museum ($1,000,000) Center, involving acquisition of property next CMA
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID AUSTIN, TX PERMIT NO. 1256 The D a ug ht er s o f T he Rep ubl i c o f Tex a s 510 East Anderson Lane Austin, Texas 78752 Telephone: 512-339-1997 E-mail: lana.boussidan@drtmuseum.org Website: www.drt-inc.org A VISION FOR THE 21ST CENTURY: Republic of Texas History Complex Update Keeping Public Officials Informed Since July, 2007, the Vision Team for the Republic of Texas History Complex has been meeting with key state and local government officials, as well as agency leaders. Ably organ- ized by Gayla Lawson and Patricia Horridge, who serve on the Republic of Texas History Complex Vision Team, the meetings have been productive. Gayla and Pat remark, “During the course of meetings with influential leaders at the State Capitol, City of Austin, Travis County, Texas Historical Commission, and elsewhere - and during informative luncheon gatherings hosted by The Daughters of The Republic of Texas Vision Team - we have shared our vision of increased public service with city, county and state officials. It is our aim to keep this important constituency in- formed as our plans develop, and enlist their endorsement as we seek to provide greater educational opportunities for visitors of all ages and all walks of life in the years ahead.” The work continues. As the Vision Team works to increase the visibility of the Republic of Texas History Complex across our state, to strengthen existing relationships, and create new part- nerships with government entities and private organizations, continued communication and information-sharing is essential. In DRT District VIII erected the life-size bronze, “Texas Pioneer Woman” by Linda Sioux Henley on the State this way, The Daughters of The Republic of Texas will better Capitol grounds in 1998 (photograph courtesy of the meet its mission of perpetuating the memory and spirit of those State Preservation Board, Austin, Texas - Griff Smith, who achieved and maintained the independence of Texas. photographer, 2000 (Accession ID CHA 1998.033).