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Carolyn's Amplify Austin 2021 Overview

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Amplify Austin is the premier online giving day for Central Texas. I set up a platform for a nonprofit on the Amplify "Give Gab" platform in fall 2020, and participated in an introductory webinar. These are helpful notes regarding Amplify 2021.

A few years ago, I developed and ran an Amplify Austin campaign myself by hand. Need help with your campaign? Let me know.


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Carolyn's Amplify Austin 2021 Overview

  1. 1. Amplify Austin 2021 Carolyn M. Appleton A Brief Overview December 2020
  2. 2. Amplify Austin March 4 and 5, 2021 ▪ Amplify Austin helps raise funding online during the spring of each year ▪ Participating brings together a wide range of nonprofit organizations across Austin, including those in outlying cities and counties ▪ Participating helps heighten overall visibility and awareness for nonprofits, and it can help attract the interest of new supporters and potential major gift donors to the good work of your nonprofit ▪ Having set up and run a prior Amplify Austin campaign for a modestly- sized nonprofit, I know advance preparation from the start of the year through the actual giving day, and constant attention to communications during this same time frame (and beyond, as you wrap-up), will help ensure success
  3. 3. Amplify Austin Suggestions ▪ Amplify Austin suggests participating nonprofits create 30 second to 2-minute videos that include written words – as many people don’t turn up the “volume,” words matter ▪ This can be easily done with Adobe Spark Video – see my YouTube channel: youtube.com/user/CarolynAppleton ▪ Amplify Austin is heavily driven by corporations and corporate employees; hence, securing an advance “matching partner” makes sense to help build excitement and increase potential income ▪ Using social media is highly encouraged – this is an aspect of Amplify Austin that companies and organizations enjoy as visibility is high online ▪ #ILiveHereIGiveHere
  4. 4. Resources and New Features ▪ Amplify Austin has a YouTube channel with helpful information to watch at your leisure ▪ A series of advance preparation webinars are being hosted for nonprofits participating ▪ “Amplify Live” is a new feature accessible via their website, and they will show nonprofit videos and post updates all day long during the 24-hour giving day ▪ Celebrities are involved this year – do you know someone who might champion your cause? ▪ Advance donations can be made online starting on January 19 ▪ Your nonprofit’s allies - Board members, volunteers and donors - can get on your “Give Gab” page and launch their own fundraising campaigns encouraging their colleagues to give to your nonprofit
  5. 5. Questions? Email carolyn@carolynmappleton.com Website carolynmappleton.com See “Carolyn Online” for an overview of my online presence Facebook facebook.com/carolynmappletoninc