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B2B Channel Incentive Benchmark Study

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CCI conducted a study in Q4 of 2012 to assess the utilization of various incentive program types and their relative importance and/or effectiveness as perceived by both the vendor community and its channel partners. The incentive program types spanned a broad range to include: Co-op/MDF, sales performance rebates, SPIFs, opportunity management, purchase incentives, and more. Separate surveys were tailored for vendor and partner audiences with the goal of identifying similarities, as well as differences, between the two (manufacturers/vendors and their channel partners). This presentation also addresses how the perception of incentive programs has evolved since CCI's 2010 survey. The results will surprise you!

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B2B Channel Incentive Benchmark Study

  1. 1. 2012 Channel IncentiveBenchmark StudySteven Kellam, Vice President of Sales and MarketingDo Vendors Really Understand What Partners Want?A Comparison of Vendor and Partner Attitudes Towards Incentive Programs
  2. 2. Why We UnderstandChannel Incentive Programs
  3. 3. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comComplete Incentive SolutionsProfessional ServicesAt Every Step Program Design Program Development Program EvolutionHighly ConfigurableSaaS Application ROI Metrics Multi-currency/lingual Fund allocation New fund set up Approval workflows Partner and Activity –add, deletes, changes Email alertsProgram Management Available follow-the-sunsupport Claim administration Payments Program administration
  4. 4. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comComprehensive Solution SetDistributor Reseller Sales Reps ConsumerCo-op/MDFStreamline management of joint marketing programs  Marketing PlannerPlan marketing programs, forecast and measure ROI  SPIFRun short- and long-term incentive programs    Sales Performance RewardsReward channel partners for attaining sales goals  Trade-In RewardsManage incentive programs requiring physical return of goods  Opportunity ManagementDeal Registration, Lead Management, Referral Rewards and Special Pricing   
  5. 5. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comBaseline DefinitionsCo-op Programs• Marketing allowances are accrued as a percentage of past sales• Guidelines are well defined, with comprehensive proof-of-performancerequirements• May require minimal pre-approval requirements fostering ease-of-use• Lend themselves to expense accountingMDF Programs• Discretionary funds, not ‘owned’ by partners• The available funds are often not announced in advance, but arenegotiated to achieve specific goals• Often require less complete proof-of-performance documentation thantraditional Co-op programs, and pre-approval is required• Lend themselves to contra-revenue accounting
  6. 6. The Survey
  7. 7. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSurvey Focus• Perceived effectiveness across a variety of program typeso Including gap in vendor/partner perceptions• Deeper insight into MDF and Co-op practiceso Overallo Inclusion of social media and Integrations• Areas of focus from 2012 (incentive programs and more)o Pain points in 2012o Key initiatives for 2013
  8. 8. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.com7250 Redwood Blvd. Suite 214Novato, CA 94945Phone 415.427.5100• Co-op/MDF/BDF• Sales Rebates – stretch goals• SPIF and Loyalty Programs• Deal Registration• Referral Rewards• Trade-In Programs• End UserIncentive Programs Questions Included
  9. 9. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comMethodology• Quantitative, multiple-choice questionnaire• Where possible, many questions were “mirror image” to compareperceptions between vendor/partner audiences• Focus on B2B Technologyo Hardwareo Softwareo Office Automationo Telecommunications (hardware and services)• Results are indicative of trends and attitudes
  10. 10. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSurvey Purpose• Share• Think• Ask questions• Do things better
  11. 11. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSurvey Conclusion: Rainbows and Unicorns?
  12. 12. Vendor and Partner Profiles
  13. 13. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comResponder Profile: Manufacturer/Vendor ResponsesProfile: Manufacturers/Vendors• 64% Channel sales and marketing positions• Primary regional scope: North America, Global• Sell a majority (80%+) of their products through thechannel
  14. 14. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: Manufacturers/Vendors2012 2010North America 34.2% 46.4%Global 36.0% 37.1%Europe/MiddleEast/Africa (EMEA)14.4% 10.3%Japan/AsiaPacific/India11.7% 4.1%Latin America 3.6% 2.1%Responders were split between North America and global positions.Global36%North America34%Europe/MiddleEast/Africa (EMEA)14%Japan/AsiaPacific/India12%Latin America4%What is the regional scope of your responsibilities?Trend Alert:APACbecomingmorestrategic forgrowth
  15. 15. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comAudience ParticipationIn regard to program funding models, whichselection best represents discretionary fundingspend vs. accrual?a) 21%b) 31%c) 44%
  16. 16. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: Manufacturers/Vendors44%31%22%3%What best describes your program funding model(s)?DiscretionaryAccrual per partnerContractually committedOther (please specify)Discretionary funding almost 50%Trend Alert:Movement toMDF (MarketDevelopmentFunds)
  17. 17. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: Manufacturers/Vendors0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Other (please specify)OEM and Alliance PartnersInfluencer/Referral PartnersNewer partners with a growth sales trajectoryWell established partners with a track record of salesWith what type of partner is the largest percentage of your partner marketing budget(marketing with and marketing through) being spent?Actions around established partners, conversations around growth partners.
  18. 18. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: PartnersTrend Alert:Whilemajority ofpartnerrespondersconsideredthemselves“VARs,”managedservicesprovidersrepresentgrowthtrend0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%OEMHosting/Infrastructure ProviderDirect MarketerConsultantIndependent Software VendorSystems IntegratorRetailerManaged Services ProviderOther (please specify)DistributionVARWhich of the following categorizes your organization?
  19. 19. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: Partners0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%$3.0-$8.0 Million$8.0-$20 Million< $1.0 Million$1.0-$3.0 Million> $20.0 MillionWhat is the approximate annual sales volume of your organization?Nice mix – while largest partners are a big group, majority still in $1M to $20M.
  20. 20. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comAudience ParticipationWhat percentage best represents partnerswith 15+ vendors?a) 14%b) 26%c) 43%
  21. 21. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProfile: PartnersMore than 1539%9-1521%4-826%1-314%Approximately how many Vendors do you work with as an Authorized Reseller?In most cases – you are not alone.
  22. 22. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusions: Profile• Vendorso Many moving to discretionaryspendingo Some even leaving Co-Op behind• Partnerso Partners continue to work withmany, many vendors
  23. 23. Program Usage
  24. 24. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Manufacturers/Vendors2012 20100-10% 42.6% 39.8%11-20% 26.7% 20.5%21-30% 10.9% 12.5%31-40% 6.9% 12.5%41-50% 3.0% 8.0%More than 50% 9.9% 6.8%More than 69% of the responders spend less than 20% of budget onincentive programs.0-10%42%11-20%27%21-30%11%More than 50%10% 31-40%7%41-50%3%Which figure best represents your entire investment in channelincentive and reward programs as a percentage of your entirechannel/partner budget?Trend Alert:ManyVendors haveto do morewith less
  25. 25. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Manufacturers/VendorsSales and Marketing Training for Channel Partners 55.7%Joint Marketing Planning/Joint Business Planning 50.5%Co-op/MDF 46.4%Technical Training 44.3%Opportunity Registration/Management Programs 32.0%Lead management to channel partners 25.8%Volume Rebate Programs 19.6%Partner Sales Rep-targeted SPIF Programs 18.6%Provisioning/Pricing/Customer Quote Tools 16.5%Marketing Resource Center 14.4%Referral Reward Programs 7.2%In the context of all program types, incentive programs at large fall just behindsales and marketing training in importance.Other (please specify)Referral Reward ProgramsMarketing Resource CenterProvisioning/Pricing/Customer Quote…Partner Sales Rep-targeted SPIF…Volume Rebate ProgramsLead Management to Channel PartnersOpportunity Registration/Management…Technical Training for Channel PartnersCo-op/Marketing Development FundsJoint Marketing Planning/Joint Business…Sales and Marketing Training for…Select the MOST important programs that are critical toachieving channel program success?
  26. 26. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: PartnersCo-op/MDF 55.6%Deal Reg./Opportunity Management 48.6%Technical Training 36.1%Sales and Marketing Training 36.1%Volume Rebates 36.1%Receiving leads from vendors 29.2%Vendor-sponsored SPIF Programs 27.8%Joint Marketing Planning/Joint BusinessPlanning12.5%Referral Rewards Programs 12.5%Provisioning/pricing/customer quote tools 8.3%Marketing Resource Center 8.3%Partners feel that incentive programs are more important than sales & marketing trainingwith Co-op/MDF and deal registration/opportunity management programs leading.0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60%Marketing Resource CenterProvisioning/pricing/customer quote toolsReferral Reward ProgramsJoint Marketing Planning/Joint Business…Vendor-Sponsored SPIF ProgramsReceiving leads from vendorsVolume RebatesSales and Marketing TrainingTechnical TrainingDeal Registration/Opportunity Management…Co-op/Marketing Development FundsSelect the three (3) vendor-provided programs that contributethe MOST to your success?
  27. 27. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Manufacturers/VendorsReferral Reward Programs 40.0%Provisioning/Pricing/Customer Quote Tools 37.9%Partner Sales Rep-targeted SPIF Programs 29.5%Volume Rebate Programs 28.4%Marketing Resource Center 26.3%Opportunity Registration/Management Programs 14.7%Co-op/MDF 13.7%Technical Training for Channel Partners 12.6%Lead Management to Channel Partners 11.6%Sales and Marketing Training 7.4%Joint Marketing Planning/Joint Business Planning 5.3%Vendors see minimal results from referral programs.Other (please specify)Joint Marketing Planning/Joint Business…Sales and Marketing Training for Channel…Lead Management to Channel PartnersTechnical Training for Channel PartnersCo-op/Marketing Development FundsOpportunity Registration/Management…Marketing Resource CenterVolume Rebate ProgramsPartner Sales Rep-targeted SPIF ProgramsProvisioning/Pricing/Customer Quote ToolsReferral Reward ProgramsSelect the LEAST important programs that are critical toachieving channel program success?Trend Alert:SeeingReferralgoing by thewayside atmajor players
  28. 28. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Partners0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%Technical TrainingCo-op/Marketing Development FundsDeal Registration/Opportunity Management ProgramsVendor-Sponsored SPIF ProgramsSales and Marketing TrainingVolume RebatesReceiving leads from vendorsJoint Marketing Planning/Joint Business PlanningMarketing Resource CenterProvisioning/pricing/customer quote toolsReferral Reward ProgramsSelect the three (3) vendor-provided programs thatcontribute the LEAST to your successReferral Rewards programs were ranked the LEAST effective vendor-provided tool,followed closely by provisioning/ pricing/ customer quote tools and marketingresource center.
  29. 29. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Manufacturers/VendorsSales readiness and analytics are key.0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50%Other (please specify)Cumbersome or slow partner payment and reimbursement processes (for…Managing channel conflict (between partners)Managing channel conflict (between channel and direct sales)How to engage with/leverage influencersComplex or cumbersome processesHelp partners migrate to new business models (cloud)Ineffective sales and marketing capabilities from channel partnersPoor channel communication/interactionImprove alignment of business goals and investments with partner…Poor analytics tracking ROI for channel programsSales and marketing readiness from channel partnersWhat are the major issues that currently concern you about your channel program?
  30. 30. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comProgram Usage: Partners0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Other (please specify)Vendor help with migration to new business models (cloud)Sales and marketing readiness support/trainingImprove alignment of business goals and investments with VendorsHow to engage with/leverage other partners in vendor/partner communityManaging channel conflict (between partners)Ineffective sales and marketing capabilities from channel partnersPoor analytics / data to help determine ROICumbersome or slow partner payment and reimbursement processes (for…Managing channel conflict (between partners and Vendor direct sales)Poor partner communication/interactionComplex or cumbersome processesWhat are the major issues that currently concern you about thevendor/partner programs you participate in?No real surprise here – partners want simplicity and clarity.
  31. 31. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusion: Program Usage• Connectedo Co-op/MDF, Rebates are very important to successo Referral is ranked as least important• Disconnectedo Vendors prioritize ROI and sales readinesswhile partners want simplicity, clarity, andcommunications
  32. 32. Co-op/MDFPrograms
  33. 33. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: Manufacturers/VendorsTrade Show and Conference Attendance 43.4%Customer Seminars/Road Show/Floor Day/Webinar41.0%Event Sponsorship 37.3%Newsletters/Email Campaigns 34.9%Sales Incentives (SPIF, rewards, contests) 32.5%Telemarketing/Marketing List Expenses 24.1%Sales and Technical Training/Certifications 22.9%End-User Promotions 21.7%Literature/Collateral/Case Studies 19.3%Direct Mail 18.1%Demo Equipment 16.9%Biz Dev efforts are considered to be the most effective use of funds—at the expense oftraditional marketing programs.0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%For your Co-op/MDF program, which reimbursableactivities that you currently offer to your partnersrepresent the MOST significant contribution inbuilding business for you and your partners?
  34. 34. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: PartnersPreferred activities parallel that of vendors – partners believe that incentive programsand Biz Dev activities are the best use of funds to help build their business.Demo Equipment 46.9%Sales Incentives (SPIF, rewards, contests) 34.4%Customer seminars/ road show/floor day/ webinar32.8%Website Development and management 28.1%Sales Incentives (SPIF, rewards, contests) 32.5%Event Sponsorship 25.0%Telemarketing/ marketing list expenses 23.4%Sales and technical training /certifications 21.9%Trade Show and Conference Attendances 20.3%Funded Headcount/Brand Champion expense 20.3%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%45%50%For your vendor-provided Co-op/MDF programs, which are theMOST important reimbursable activities for your business?
  35. 35. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: Manufacturers/VendorsTraditional advertising efforts are losing favor among vendors.Print Advertising 37.8%Broadcast Advertising 34.1%Direct Mail 22.0%Product Catalogs 22.0%Telemarketing/Marketing List Expenses 17.1%Online Advertising - Display 15.9%Social Media 15.9%Corporate Memberships 15.9%Public Relations 14.6%Online Advertising (GooglePay Per Click or similar)13.4%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%For your Co-op/MDF program, which reimbursableactivities that you currently offer to your partnersrepresent the LEAST significant contribution inbuilding business for you and your partners?
  36. 36. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: PartnersAgain, print-based activity seems unpopular as does all traditional promotional activity.Broadcast Advertising 38.7%Print Advertising 37.1%Direct Mail 25.8%Thought Leadershipcontent development24.2%Product Catalogs 24.2%Social Media 22.6%Corporate Memberships 22.6%Online advertising (GooglePay Per Click or similar)21.0%Demo CD / flash demo/ video 21.0%Public Relations 21.0%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%For your vendor-provided Co-op/MDF programs, which are the LEASTimportant reimbursable activities for your business?
  37. 37. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: Manufacturers/VendorsImprove analytics and ROI 50.0%Improve marketing support/program planning 46.3%Improve marketing execution by partners 42.7%Improve partner support and issue resolution 25.6%Closed-loop process tied to POS data and/ordeal registration18.3%Integration with SFA/CRM system 17.1%Revise guidelines to better reflect companygoals17.1%Streamline administration 14.6%Overlay/ tie back sales data toCo-op/MDF spend13.4%Faster payment process 12.2%Global standardization 8.5%Vendors are most interested in improved analyticswith a strong lead programs0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%Global standardizationFaster payment processOverlay/ tie back sales data to co-op/MDF…Streamline administrationRevise guidelines to better reflect company…Integration with SFA/CRM systemClosed-loop process tied to POS data and/or…Improve Partner support and issue resolutionImprove marketing execution by partnersImprove marketing support/program planningImprove Analytics and ROIWhat would you MOST like to change regardingyour Co-op/MDF programTrend Alert:1) ROI is hittingmarketingdepartments2) “PartnerLove” Portal
  38. 38. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comCo-op/MDF: PartnersSimplified guidelines andadministration60.7%Joint marketing planning foroptimal program usage39.3%Faster payment andreimbursement32.8%More predictable allowances 32.8%Marketing assistance 29.5%Faster turnaround of fundingrequests/prior approvals26.2%Improve program support andescalation processes23.0%Partners feel that vendors need to streamline their programs.0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%Improve program support and escalationprocessesFaster turnaround of funding requests/priorapprovalsMarketing assistanceFaster payment and reimbursementMore predictable allowancesJoint marketing planning for optimal programusageSimplified guidelines and administrationWhich areas do you think most vendors should focus on toimprove their Co-op/MDF programs?
  39. 39. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusions: Co-op / MDF• Connectedo Biz Dev activities like events, seminars andtrade shows, ranked highesto Traditional advertising and print falling outof favoro Referral is ranked as least important• Disconnectedo Vendors want ROI data, partners wantsimplicityo Demo equipment very high for partners andvery low for vendors
  40. 40. Social Media
  41. 41. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comPureChannels Slide insert
  42. 42. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comAudience ParticipationDo majority of vendors currentlyreimburse partners for social media(via MDF)?a) Nob) Yes
  43. 43. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSocial Media: Manufacturers/Vendors68% of vendorsdo not supporttheir partners’social mediaefforts. Of thosethat do, mostonly supplycontent.Only 7% ofvendorsreimburse forsocial mediaactivity throughCo-op/MDF.0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40%We reimburse for social media in our Co-op/MDF programYes. We provide content for our partners touse in supporting social media, but we don’treimburse for it in Co-op/MDFNo, because our partners haven’t expressedinterest in social mediaNo, but we intend toDo you support your partners though social media marketing?
  44. 44. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSocial Media: PartnersYes18%No82%Is your social media effort funded by vendorCo-op/MDF allowances (at least in part)?Most vendors are still not supporting partner efforts.
  45. 45. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSocial Media: PartnersPartners’ use of social media has flipped since 2010.2012201060%42%40%58%Do you currently use social media to buildbusiness and generate leads?Yes No
  46. 46. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusions: Social Media• Connectedo Not too much• Disconnectedo Partners growing their effortso Vendors are trying to catch up Why the disconnect?
  47. 47. CRM/SFA Integration
  48. 48. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSFA/CRM Integration: Manufacturers/VendorsSFDC continues tobe the mostextensive SFA/CRMapplication used byprospects at 46%.Within our clientbase, there is an80% use of SFDC.I dont know4%Oracle6% Siebel6%MicrosoftDynamics CRM6%SAP9%Other23%Salesforce.com46%What CRM/SFA solution is your company currentlyusing (or considering)?
  49. 49. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSFA/CRM Integration: PartnersOther (please specify)36%I don’t know20%Microsoft Dynamic CRM16%Salesforce.com13%SAP7%Oracle4%NetSuite CRM+4%Siebel0%What CRM/SFA solution is your company currently using (or considering)?Partner not ascommitted toSFDC, many useintegrated helpdesksystems likeTigerpaw andConnectwise
  50. 50. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comSFA/CRM Integration: Manufacturers/Vendors71% of respondersvalue integratingsome or allincentive programsinto their SFA/CRMsolution.0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45%I dont knowNot currently and no plans to do soYes, we are currently managing one or more programson our CRM/SFA solutionYes, data integration only but they are managed onseparate systemsWe are evaluating this optionDo you incorporate your channel incentive programs within your CRM/SFAsolution?
  51. 51. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusions: Integration• Desire is on the riseo In every conversation we havewith clients and prospectso Different perspective betweenvendors and partners, SSOand CRM/ERP integrationo Goes back to ease of use vs. analytics• Aspired to by all, the throttle seems to be budgets
  52. 52. Looking Forward
  53. 53. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsAnalytics is the # 1priority for vendorsin 2013, followedby sales technicalsupport andenhancing thenumber and qualityof leads.Provide more opportunities for Partner collaboration…Revise/replace partner portal and PRM capabilitiesModify/launch Opportunity Management ProgramStreamline partner payment processes (for Co-Op/MDF…Engage/support Influencer-type partnersAligning/unifying partner communications (’marketing…Consolidate back office systems and partner portalOffer more incentivesEnhance marketing materials /marketing support for…Modify/launch Sales and Marketing Training to channel…Begin or expand Joint Marketing Planning with partnersEnhance number/quality of leads provided to partnersProvide more sales and technical support/educationImprove channel analytics, reporting, and ROIWhich best represent your primary initiatives for 2013?
  54. 54. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: PartnersPartners areconcerned aboutvendors takingmore direct deals,competition fromother resellers,and reduced leadsfrom vendors.0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35%Lack of marketing skills or resourcesCloud computing, and the impact of it on your business modelLack of sales skills or resourcesAdapting a Managed Services business modelDecreasing MDF availabilityDecreasing incentivesTightening credit termsStiffer competition from other resellersReduced leads from vendorsVendors taking more deals directWhat are your biggest business concerns for 2013?
  55. 55. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsOther (please specify)RetailerHosting/Infrastructure ProviderDirect MarketerAgents/Master AgentsIndependent Software Vendor (ISV)ConsultantsAlliance/OEM PartnersManaged Service Providers (MSP)DistributorsSystem Integrators (SI)Value Added Resellers (VAR)What types of partners will be most key to yourgo-to-market strategy in 2013?VARs stilllead theway.
  56. 56. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsMost vendors expecttheir channels tocarry a higherpercentage of totalsales for 2013.3%31%66%As a percentage of total company sales, how do you expect your channel salesrevenue to change in 2013 vs. 2012?Lower percentage of totalAbout the sameHigher percentage of total
  57. 57. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsCorrespondingly,vendors expect torecruit more partnersin 2013. We hear alot about “value” vs.“volume.” 56%31%13%What are your plans for revising your channel partnerpopulation base for 2013 vs. 2012?Increase our total number of partnersKeep it about the sameReduce our total number of partners
  58. 58. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comAudience ParticipationWhich selection best represents % of vendorswho expect to grow program budgets in 2013a) 7%b) 11%c) 23%d) 31%e) 44%f) 49%
  59. 59. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsHalf theaudienceexpects theirchannelbudget togrow.49%44%7%Independent of staffing, what are your anticipated changesin channel program budgets for 2013?Increase the budget to support the channelMaintain the current budget levelDecrease the budget to support the channel
  60. 60. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comLooking Forward: Manufacturers/VendorsDespite an expectedgrowth in total channelsales and partnerpopulation, less than halfof the vendors expect togrow their channelmanagement teams.56%39%5%What are your plans for internal staffing to supportyour channel programs for 2013?Maintain the current level of staffingIncrease the level of staffing to support the channelDecrease the level of staffing to support the channel
  61. 61. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.comConclusions: Looking Forward• Connectedo Leads are important to everyonePartners are particularly focusedon leads• Disconnectedo Sales and marketing skills ranked much higherby vendorso Vendors expect revenue, program growth withlimited staffing
  62. 62. Wrap Up
  63. 63. www.channelmanagement.cominfo@channelmanagement.com7250 Redwood Blvd. Suite 214Novato, CA 94945Phone 415.427.5100The Big 31. Analytics/ROI – driving everything• But remember – partners care about simplicity, clarity2. Partner engagement/leads – Through-Partner Marketing• But remember – partners have not bought in yet3. Focusing on the right partners: Value vs. Volume• But remember – accurately scorecarding partners really mattersMajority of results line up with what we hear from vendors.
  64. 64. THANK YOU!Questions?Steven KellamVice President, Sales and MarketingCCI: Channel Management Solutionssteven.kellam@channelmanagement.com