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Business Intelligence in SharePoint

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Many of our SharePoint clients are asking this question, "How do I develop an executive dashboard to surface meaningful business data?"

View C/D/H’s slide deck and let us show you, with:

• An overview of Microsoft BI Platform
• Excel Services
• Business Connectivity Services
• Performance Point Services
• SQL Reporting Services with SharePoint Integration
• PowerPivot for SharePoint

And for more information on this or other SharePoint topics, visit our blog at www.cdhtalkstech.com.

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Business Intelligence in SharePoint

  1. 1. SharePoint Virtual Series:Business Intelligence in SharePoint
  2. 2. Quick FactsAbout Us Approach Partnerships• 22nd Year • Vendor • Microsoft Gold• Grand Rapids & Independent • VMware Enterprise Royal Oak • Non-reseller • Citrix Silver• 30 Staff • Professional • Cisco Registered Services Only • Novell Gold
  3. 3. Microsoft Gold PartnerCompetencies Successes Pinpoint• Four Gold • Customer Excellence • Microsoft’s official• Eight Silver Award partner directory • Virtual Technical • 5-star rating Specialist (VTSP) • Managed Partner • Numerous Partner Awards
  4. 4. Expertise
  5. 5. Get Social with C/D/HC/D/H Talks Tech C/D/H Tweets Tech
  6. 6. Your PresenterAmy MooreConsultantMBA, MCDBA, MCTSAmyM@cdh.com
  7. 7. Agenda• Microsoft Business Intelligence• Excel Services• Performance Point• SQL Server Reporting Services• Power Pivot• Power View
  8. 8. Microsoft BI Stack• SQL Server 2012• Office 2010• SharePoint Server 2010
  9. 9. Microsoft Business Intelligence
  10. 10. Microsoft Business Intelligence“Microsoft may only offer around 80% of advancedBI functionality as compared with other leadingvendors, but what it lacks in features it more thanmakes up for in cost/benefits ratios.” - ForresterWave Self Service BI Platforms 2012
  11. 11. Excel Services - Overview• Share, secure, manage workbooks on the web• Web services, web parts, web access, calculation services• Calculate on the server, run in the browser• Version control, check-in/check-out, etc.
  12. 12. Excel Services - Example
  13. 13. Excel Services - Example
  14. 14. Excel Services - Usage• Spreadsheets• Reports• Charts• Dashboards• Connect to external data• Share and control on SharePoint
  15. 15. Excel Services - Requirements• SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition• Excel Services Service Application• Secure Store Service Application
  16. 16. Performance Point - Overview• Create dashboards and scorecards and publish to SharePoint• Dashboard designer• Decomposition tree, web parts, KPIs
  17. 17. Performance Point - Example
  18. 18. Performance Point - Requirements• SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition• Performance Point Service Application• Excel Services Service Application• Secure Store Service Application
  19. 19. SQL Server Reporting Services – Overview• Report writer for the web• SharePoint integrated mode – Reports managed in SharePoint report libraries – Storage and organization within SharePoint using libraries, folders, views, etc. – Security – Report builder built-in
  20. 20. SQL Server Reporting Services - Usage• Need traditional report builder - static (not interactive)• Need reports formatted to print, export, etc.
  21. 21. SQL Server Reporting Services - Requirements• SQL Server 2008 R2 Feature• SharePoint add-in for Reporting Services• SQL 2012 – SSRS Service application
  22. 22. Power Pivot - Overview• Load very large data sets into Excel using in-memory technology• Quickly model and process very large data sets• Create pivot table and filter, slice and dice, drill down/up, etc….and fast!
  23. 23. Power Pivot - Usage• Built for Excel power-user, meant for quick “trial and error” reporting• Example: Connect to data warehouse, link with other data sources, mash it up into a pivot table, explore
  24. 24. Power Pivot - Examples
  25. 25. Power Pivot - Gallery
  26. 26. Power Pivot - Requirements• SQL Server Enterprise Edition• Excel Add-in for Power Pivot• SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition
  27. 27. Power View - Overview• Thin web client (Silverlight) runs in the browser• Extension of Power Pivot• Creates interactive "slides" or "views"• Design tool to add visualizations to the view/report• Visualizations: Slicers, navigation controls, charts, cards and tiles
  28. 28. Power View - Example
  29. 29. Power View - Demo• More interactive, dynamic, ad hocDemo:https://businessintelligencedemoportal.com/sites/contosoenergy/SitePages/pvrsample.aspx
  30. 30. Power View - Requirements• Enterprise or BI Editions of SQL 2012• Reporting services in SharePoint integrated mode• SharePoint 2010 Enterprise• Silverlight, IE8+
  31. 31. Thank YouRoyal Oak Grand Rapids306 S. Washington Ave. 15 Ionia SWSuite 212 Suite 270Royal Oak, MI 48067 Grand Rapids, MI 49503(248) 546-1800 (616) 776-1600 www.cdh.com