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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Liberia

Presentation of the Government of Liberia to the First Global Conference on Reporting for Results-based REDD+, January 2018, Milan, Italy. Reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, and related forest conservation.

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Global Conference 2018 RRR+ Liberia

  1. 1. RRR+ Global Conference FEEM, Milan, 30-31 January 2018 Benjamin Karmorh EPA Liberia
  2. 2. • To develop and implement a system that directly targets the reduction of major drivers of deforestation in Liberia. • To work with local communities in the improvement of forest management and governance through the introduction of sustainable livelihood programs • To improve community’s stewardship of natural resources through appropriate skills and capacity development initiatives to improve socio-economic outcomes in forested areas. • To develop a viable system and ensure benefits and co-benefits are accessed and distributed equitably to all effected parties under the program REDD+ PROGRAM OBJECTIVE
  3. 3. The Roadmap for implementation of the national REDD+ strategy focuses on the short (1-5 years) and medium (5-10 years) term, although it includes the steps that should be taken towards the long-term destination of a national REDD+ program. The focus is on using existing institutions and processes, strengthening them and adding to the national framework for REDD+ only when there is a clear need. The aim is to avoid creating a complex and expensive infrastructure for REDD+ that distracts from practical action. REDD+ Implementation Strategy
  4. 4. INSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORK FOR REDD+ IN LIBERIA Office of President National Climate Change Steering Commitee National Climate Change Secretariat REDD+ Implementation Unit REDD+ Technical Working Group Ministry of Agriculture Land Comission LISGIS Ministry of Land, Mines & Energy Multi-agency regional task teams Project Financial Management Unit Ministry of Finance National Multi- Stakeholder Monitoring Commitee EPA FDA
  5. 5. EPA is the focal agency for Greenhouse gas inventory in Liberia • 2008 – Completed INC • 2013 – Commence Second National Communication Greenhous Gas Inventory Sectors: • Energy • AFOLU • Waste • Industrial Process Greenhouse Gas Inventory
  6. 6. Historical Influential Deforestation Rates: • Decade civil war which ended 2003 • Timber sanctions enacted 2003 to 2006 • Economic Decline through 2005 • Ebola outbreak in 2014 The average historical emissions over the reference period 2005- 2014 are 12,498,943 t CO2e/year based on Baccini et al (2015) data and estimates of land use change. This represents a Reference Emission Level, without adjustments for national circumstances. An initial adjusted Reference Emission Level could be proposed at 15,343576 t CO2e/year BUR started in Oct. 2017 Forest Reference Level and BUR
  7. 7. • Strengthening national capacity in the usage of the ALU Software • Strengthening national capacity in data collection and archiving • Strengthening national capacity in reporting on the AFOLU Sector • The National Climate Change Secretariat endorsed the National REDD+ Strategy • CFRN CD-REDD assisted in the training of national experts in the usage of the ALU Software Achievements
  8. 8. • In 2019, Liberia would have had an update of the Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report emanating from the Second National Communications and Biennial Update Report • The RRR+ Project will strengthen the country`s GHG Inventory especially in the Agriculture Forestry and Other Land Use (AFOLU) Sector • Institutional arrangements would have been strengthened in the usage of the GHG Softwares and reporting Achievements so far through the Project