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Avengers And Social Media

CDMC slide on Avengers And Social Media

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Avengers And Social Media

  2. 2. I am a Social Media professional, and a hardcore Avengers fan. So, I wondered – which Social Media site could be compared to which Avenger hero? Valid question, don’t you think?
  3. 3. Facebook as the HULK
  4. 4. Similarities between Facebook and Hulk FACEBOOK • Biggest social network • No. of users 1.71 billion • 70% of it’s users outside USA HULK • Big • Ugly • Unfriendly Facebook has been accused of sharing data with third parties and other security issues which makes it lose credibility
  5. 5. Slide share as the Black Widow
  6. 6. Similarities between Slideshare and Black Widow Slideshare • Has lots of information • Very powerful alone • Stands as a support for others Black Widow • Spy • Martial arts expert • Crack sniper Now, Slideshare has been acquired by LinkedIn so it has acquired more power.
  7. 7. Google plus as Loki
  8. 8. Similarities between Google Plus and Loki Google Plus • Limited user • No. of users 300 million • Struggling • Average use Loki • Giant • Physical attributes • Cheating • Arrogance • Lonely This is Google’s third effort to get into the world of social media but Google plus is still a loner.
  9. 9. Renren as Captain America
  10. 10. Similarities between Captain America and Renren Renren • Fierce • Mighty • No. of Users 219 million Captain America • Veteran • Restricted Like Captain America, Renren is a fierce local contender to the all mighty Facebook, however is still in its nascent stage and is not open for the world and the worst part is the tag, “Made in China and to be used only in China”.
  11. 11. WordPress as the Iron man
  12. 12. Similarities between WordPress and Iron Man WordPress • Like the Iron Man • Ready to change • No. of users 37 million • No major rivals Iron Man • Genius • Armor • Tech-savvy
  13. 13. Twitter as Thor
  14. 14. Similarities between Twitter and Thor Twitter • Invincible • Fast • Agile • No. of users 313 Million Thor • High resistance • Invulnerability • Keen senses • Faster than light. • Strength • Speed It’s one of the fastest growing networks & has two major features which help in making faster connections, RT and Followers.
  15. 15. LinkedIn as The Thing
  16. 16. Similarities between LinkedIn and The Thing LinkedIn • Connect • Inflexible • No. of users 106 Million The Thing • Strong • Solid • Inflexible • Ugly • Powerful Now after acquiring lynda we can expect some other changes as well to this behemoth.
  17. 17. Flickr as Nick Fury
  18. 18. Similarities between Flickr and Nick Fury Flickr • Amazing • Fades • No. of users 92 Million Nick Fury • Athletic • Seasoned • Expert • Boxer