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Tourism Project in the Aisne (Picardy - France)

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A four-page document illustrating the Departement of the Aisne's great potential for your gite, guest house, unusual places to stay or small hotel projects. You will also find all the assistance contacts you may need to make your project real !

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Tourism Project in the Aisne (Picardy - France)

  1. 1. The Aisne Tourism Agency operates for the Aisne Department The Aisne Tourism Agency has been awarded the ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system DEVELOP YOUR TOURISM PROJECT IN THE GITES & HOLIDAY RENTALS, GUEST HOUSES, UNUSUAL PLACES TO STAY, SMALL HOTELS September 2015 - 1/4 A     tél. : +33 (0)3 23 27 76 76
  2. 2. You have a small or medium sized project…WHAT KIND OF PROJECT ? A privileged geographical location at the heart of the greatly populated areas of Northern Europe: nearly 100 million inha- bitants within a 3 hour radius, and local clienteles attracted by France and rural areas. Because of the territory’s assets in relation to your project!WHY CHOOSE THE AISNE ? Good motorway access: The A4 and A26 motorways (Auto- route des Anglais), which traverse the Aisne, are the main French tou- rism access routes (20,000 to 25,000 vehicles per day, of which 20 to 25% are from outside of France). The Aisne represents a «southern» destination for non-French, Northern European clienteles residing in the vicinity. The level of non-French patronage in the Aisne’s commercial accommodation market: *Compared to 5 to 10% for Center Parcs de Sologne et Normandie. Source: INSEE-ORT Picardy – ODT Aisne - Year 2014 23% HOTEL BUSINESSES 87.3% OUTDOOR ACCOMMODATION BUSINESSES 42% GITES DE FRANCE 25/30%* CENTER PARCS DOMAIN DE L’AILETTE 1ST POSITION IN FRANCE A guest house? Taking over a small hotel? Unusual places to stay? One or more gites/holiday rentals? N2 LONDON ENGLAND BELGIUM PARIS CALAIS VERVINS LAON COMPIÈGNE BEAUVAIS SAINT-QUENTIN VALENCIENNES CHÂTEAU-THIERRY N2 A26 A26 A29 A4 A1 A26 NETHERLANDS 16.9 million inhabitants REIMS METZ DOVER AMIENS AMSTERDAM ALLEMAGNE COLOGNE A2 E19 ANTWERP BRUSSELS E50 A31 E44 E31 LUXEMBURG FRANCE E40 A1 GREATER LONDON/SOUTH EAST UK 23 million inhabitants ILE DE FRANCE 12 million inhabitants NORD - PAS DE CALAIS - PICARDY 6 million inhabitants CHAMPAGNE - LORRAINE - ALSACE 5.5 million inhabitants SOISSONS LUXEMBURG 0.5 million inhabitants BELGIUM 11.2 million inhabitants RHINELAND SAAR-PALATINATE 22.5 million inhabitants LILLE 3 HOURS 2 HOURS 1 HOUR TGV Railway Station M20 AACHEN AISNE NETHERLANDS LUXEMBURG LIÈGE MONS E42 E314 September 2015 - 2/4
  3. 3. A location in the «Parisian hinterlands»: the proximity of the Ile de France region is a real asset. Northern-European clienteles choose a holiday destination in the countryside and have the possi- bility of taking excursions to major, internationally acclaimed recrea- tional and cultural sites: Paris, Disneyland, Parc Astérix, Chantilly, Compiègne, Reims and its Champagne cellars, etc. A «genuine France» ranking with authentic scenery sought after by urban and non-French clienteles. The Aisne has real assets with exceptional natural and historical heritage. Some key numbers : 4th department of France for its number of listed historic monuments, 2000km of tracks turned into hiking paths, 310km of inland waterways, 400km of cycle tracks and non-motorized vehicle routes under development, 2 Appelations d’Origine Contrôlée : Champagne and Maroilles... (source : INSEE - ORT - ADRT02) 68.3%Occupancy rates in 2014 (31 weeks), compared to an average of 40% for France 46.5%Occupancy rate in 2014, compared to an average of 36% for France The main tourist destinations and tourism trade marks of the Aisne and its surroundings: Cédric François was originally from Vervins and had lived in the Ile de France region before investing in the purchase and renovation of an old farm at Fontaine-lès-Ver- vins, from 2010 to 2014. The Domain des Lavandières, listed with Clévacances, com- prises a restaurant, spa and pool area, and an ensemble of holiday rentals and guest rooms. www.gites-chambres-aisne.com After a career in industry and finance, two former executives converted “Le Nid dans les Bruyères”, a municipal campsite at Fère-en-Tardenois, into a site providing 12 unusual places to stay. Their target market → couples living in the main urban areas… www.leniddanslesbruyeres.fr In 2012, a restaurateur opened the Auberge de Vauclair, a small rural hotel business, restaurant and four premium guest rooms, close to Center Parcs Domaine de l’Ailette. Listed as a “Logis”, it mostly receives a non-French clientele. Its key strengths: the comfort, originality, and an environment perfect for recuperation. www.auberge-de-vauclair.fr They chose the AISNE! TWO INDICATORS OF THE THRIVING TOURISM IN THE AISNE GITES DE FRANCE OUTDOOR ACCOMMODATION 1 2 3 D1032 N2 N31 D1 D1029 D1 VERVINS Mons Trondheim Compostelle Lille-Calais Cambrai Charleville- Mézières Amiens Paris Paris Provins SOISSONS Reims Paris Chantilly 1 Le Nouvion-en-Thiérache Domaine du Lac de l’Ailette Champagne Cellars Champagne Cellars Charles de Gaulle Airport Station Verte (quality label) Most Beautiful Villages of France (quality label) Water sports and leisure centre Coucy-le-Château Villers-Cotterêts Pierrefonds Chauny Tergnier Fère-en-Tardenois HIRSON Saint Michel Forest Saint Gobain Forest Chemin des Dames Somme Oise Aisne Ourcq M arne Retz Forest Champagne Tourist Route Epernay A4 A4 A29 2 N2 Parfondeval CHÂTEAU-THIERRY LAON 3 Guise Compiègne SAINT-QUENTIN Godin Familistère A26 Eurovelo 3 Parc d’Isle Blangy L’Astrée Axo Plage AOC (Guaranteed Origin Appellation) Maroilles D1043 National Cycle Path V30 A26 La Frette (Garanteed Origin Appelation) September 2015 - 3/4
  4. 4. ASSISTANCE PROVIDED BY THE AGENCY Would you like to develop an “unusual places to stay” project or take over a small hotel business? Would you like to develop a gite, holiday rental or guest house project? A whole team at your service! Your contact: Catherine DUMENIL Tel: +33 (0)3 23 27 76 71 c.dumenil@aisne-tourisme.com Your web-assistance contact: Cécile LEMBREZ Tel: +33 (0)3 23 27 76 79 c.lembrez@aisne-tourisme.com Your marketing assistance contact: Géraldine DALLEAU Tel: +33 (0)3 23 27 76 82 g.dalleau@aisne-tourisme.com Aisne Tourism Agency Tel: +33 (0)3 23 27 76 76 contact@aisne-tourisme.com A free information meeting, Assistance in the creation of your project: technical visit, feasibility pre-study, pricing specifications, etc. A classification for your accommodation according to several options to choose from: quality labels with Gites de France or Cléva- cances, listed as a holiday rental (in stars), “referenced” guest house (national frame of reference in regards to quality from the federation of tourism offices), If relevant, the preparation of a grant application, Complete and personalized computer assis- tance according to your level of skill: assistan- ce with website design and creation, visibility of the website, managing your e-reputation and client reviews, regional booking solutions and the creation of links with other systems, Assistance with marketing in the framework of the “Esprit de Picardie” scheme: hands-on workshop about customer expectations, assistance in the creation of segmented product offers, and commercial style descriptions adapted to the selected markets, Integration of a new regional platform dedi- cated to holiday rentals and guest houses, An incorporated booking solution for “Gites de France” holiday rentals, through a booking service of the Aisne Tourism Agency. If required, propositions of sites that could be taken over, An analysis of your project, in connection with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for certain dossiers, Detailed specifications, in line with the market, If necessary, assistance with the feasibility study, If relevant, identifying grants and preparing an application, Complete and personalized computer assistance according to your level of skill: assistance with website design and creation, visibility of the website, managing your e-re- putation and client reviews, regional booking solutions and the creation of links with other systems, Assistance with marketing in the framework of the “Esprit de Picardie” scheme: hands-on workshop about customer expectations, assistance in the creation of segmented product offers, and commercial style descriptions adapted to the selected markets. Réalisation:LineEssique-0360523261 Créditsphotos:L.Leleu-B.Teissedre-CenterParcs-AS.Flament-S.Cambon-Colin-Pierret-H.Balesse We propose A COMPLETE ASSISTANCE PACKAGE OR SELECTED SERVICES We propose A SPECIFIED ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME A     For more information, please visit our website for professionals www.pro-evasion-aisne.com September 2015 - 2/4