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7 Tips to develop a successful marketing strategy

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Make your marketing strategy productive than ever by understanding various tips related to it. A business idea without strategy is futile so we need to focus on the strategy which can
boost up the marketing as well as let us stand in the competition.
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7 Tips to develop a successful marketing strategy

  1. 1. Make your marketing strategy productive than ever!
  2. 2. 7 Tips to develop a successful marketing strategy
  3. 3. “A thought to prosper a business without a marketing strategy is just futile. Rude? No. I am just being honest. Business goals can only be achieved by formulating proper marketing strategy. Let’s get straight to the 7 tips to develop a successful marketing strategy-
  4. 4. 1) Align yourself with your Vision Before strategizing, you need to understand why you do what you do and that is why it is very important for you to have a clear vision of your company goals. Having a clear business agenda is all what you need to have a better connect with your customers. You need to know that setting up short-term goals and achieving them is only possible when you know what problems your company need to solve and how do you with your employees actually serve the society. Your company’s clear vision will help you to develop a successful marketing strategy.
  5. 5. Before you formulate your business goals, remember- 1) Your vision should be something you actually believe in. 2) Your vision should be aligned with your moral values. 3) Your vision should be clear and concise so that you do not run into circles. For strategizing your marketing practices you need to always be aligned with your vision to always stay in telepathic communication with your target audience.
  6. 6. 2) Collect your Customer Data If you have been running a business for quite a while now and are struggling as to experience your ‘eureka’ moment, fetching the entire customer data is very important and more than that you need to arrange your database appropriately. For collecting data, you need to know your customers appropriately. Ways to know you customers- i) Interview them ii) Survey forms iii) Follow your major customers on social media
  7. 7. “Why is creating a database important? The analysis of the clients or the customers you already have will help you to create buyer persona. A buyer persona is fictional representation of your ideal customers which can help you to understand your customers better. Buyer personas will help you to develop a successful marketing strategy. Collecting proper database also helps in analysing the areas where you need to work in building a stronger customer base.
  8. 8. 3) Competitor Analysis In this case, follow the I T R technique that is follow identify, trach & record method. ▸ Identity ▸ Trach ▸ Record i) Identify- Go round the internet and find out all your relevant competitors on various platforms. Now one major thing to remember while going about this process is that consider customers of every scale be it small or large.
  9. 9. ii) Track- Your competitors are your best friends! They may be coming up a new activity every month,every week or even every day. So, be wise! Take a note of activities of your competitors and try deducing the purpose behind each activity. iii) Record- Maintain an account of ventures your competitors come up with so that you do not miss out on any new prospect.
  10. 10. Look at the picture below to have a complete vision about how to go about competitor analysis-
  11. 11. If you work and act alone then for sure you are running a race in which you will never win. Before taking any decision you literally need to sit with your employees and make a list of their ideas. Working in coordination with your teammates is something that can take you to places as ideas from others give direction to your raw thought bubbles. 4) Regular brainstorming with your employees
  12. 12. In an atmosphere of discussion where mostly everyone wants to prove a point , you can act smart and take notice of the way each of your employ propagates his idea in an urge to be heard. In brainstorming sessions, make sure that every idea is heard. You can at least appear to be considering everyone’s idea and jot down striking points. In such sessions, the presence of members from each profile be it your product developers, service developers
  13. 13. ‘Going out of the box’ is certainly the key. Make sure that you always have an urge to incorporate new technologies a part of your business system. The newest technology which is a must for businesses these days is Marketing Automation. 5) Plan to use new techniques
  14. 14. “Why Marketing Automation? Click to know all the relevant aspects of marketing automation---> Click to view To answer why Marketing Automation, I would simply take aid of the following 3 points- i) Marketing Automation helps in better Customer Relationship Management by segmenting customers based on Recency, Frequency & Monetary parameters.
  15. 15. “ii) It helps to send automated emails which helps to save a lot of time and effort. iii) Marketing Automation tools like HubSpot and Mautic help to create marketing campaigns based on ongoing market scenario. This will also help you in Conversion Rate Optimization.
  16. 16. 6) Draft down multiple strategies & carry out A/B testing After executing the above mentioned steps, formulate and jot down various marketing strategies with a clear aim to- ▸ Help your audiences ▸ Generate more leads ▸ Achieve sustainable growth patterns ▸ Have a better conversion rate Apart from drafting the marketing strategy, you need to make sure that you do not stay stuck at a particular strategy.
  17. 17. “So, what to do? Keep analysing your marketing strategy by having a record of the lead generation & lead conversion rate . If the results achieved do not coincide with the set targets then move on to the next strategy with an aim to do better. This is what is known as A/B testing so you need to experiment regularly to come up with the best results.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. 7) Have a Proper Plan to Promote your strategy & fetch feedbacks So you have a well tested strategy but if you fail to efficiently promote your strategy and work verticals related to it, you will not be able to use your strategy to its full potential. After having promoted something, you surely would want to know what people have to say about it. Right? So, do not hesitate to have feedback on your strategy.
  20. 20. The feedback can come from the following group of people- ▸ Employees- Of course, they were there while you were in the planning process. But, the executed version of anything is always different from the planned version. Therefore, you need to ask your employees whether the executed strategy meets their expectations or not.
  21. 21. ▸ Competitors- Maintain a healthy relationship with at least a few of your customers so that they can help you in knowing the pros and cons of your marketing strategy and give you some very good suggestions to help you improve your strategy. ▸ Customers- Customers are everything. Thus, making your customers a part of your business strategy will make them feel important and recognised. This will help in building a personalised relationship with them so that you build a better customer base by enhancing the trust of your customers.
  22. 22. Although, it is very important to plan and develop a marketing strategy but more than that you need to stay mentally flexible to- 1) Include others in your planning process 2) A/B test your planning strategy 3) Welcome feedbacks 22
  23. 23. Prepare, Plan & Prosper! Happy Marketing!
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