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  1. Building a PaaS solution with less than 100 lines of code with Waypoint and GitHub HUG Lyon – Cédric Derue
  2. Cédric Derue Solution Architect @ Capgemini Engineering Twitter:
  3. Agenda 1. Once upon a time … Waypoint 2. Waypoint Architecture 3. Démos 4. Conclusion
  4. What the fuck? Multiple dev technologies Multiple hosting platform
  5. What is Waypoint? Waypoint is a tool that enables developers to describe how to get their applications from development to production in a single file and deploy using a single command: $> waypoint up
  6. Build Deploy Release
  7. Waypoint Architecture
  8. Waypoint Architecture
  9. Waypoint Server
  10. Waypoint CLI
  11. Main CLI Commands $ waypoint install $ waypoint init $ waypoint build $ waypoint release $ waypoint up $ waypoint logs $ waypoint exec $ waypoint destroy
  12. Other Waypoint concepts Runner •Every operation that Waypoint runs (build, deploy, release, etc) is executed by a Waypoint runner. •Static runner •On-demand runner •Runner profile Workspace •Workspaces are a mechanism to isolate multiple builds, deploys, etc. of the same applications. A common use case of workspaces are to provide environments for branch- based development, staging, etc. Plugins •Waypoint can be extended using custom plugins. Waypoint supports custom builders, deployment platforms, registries, release managers, and more.
  13. It’s time to demo!
  14. Demo 1 – Publishing microservices on AKS with Waypoint Voting App Moving to the cloud Use of Azure services for production- ready scalable applications DEVELOPMENT PRODUCTION Development Technologies Cloud Infrastructure for Microservices Development Docker Desktop Exploring Microservices Architecture/Design/Development Infrastructure Decisions Production-Ready Microservices Azure Container Registry Azure Kubernetes Service Production Azure cloud
  15. Demo 2 – Simple PaaS solution in less than 100 lines of code Cloud Provider k8s cluster GitHub GitHub Actions Container Registry Waypoint Server k8s cluster 1.commit 2.trigger 3.publish Build Deploy Release
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