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Kahoot ice breaker fati

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Kahoot actividad digital para conocernos impartida por Digijeunes

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Kahoot ice breaker fati

  1. 1. Kahoot is a game based learning platform for schools. It is free and carries no adverts. Registration is very simple via the page https://getkahoot.com/ Once in, it’s very easy to create games with a picture and questions. At least one answer must be correct for each question
  2. 2. You launch the game and the students are given a game pin number to enter. Students can join by going to https://kahoot.it/#/ This can be done on any smart device or computer. An icon can be easily installed on the desktop. It is NOT an app.
  3. 3. Gamify learning, build interaction and healthy competition between different groups. The activity also attempts to overcome linguistic barriers, as the kahoot platform is very visual and the quizz can be handled by individuals who do not speak a common language. Let’s see an example of Kahoot in action: https://youtu.be/z8YWsjur-Vc?t=123
  4. 4. Best way to evaluate it, is to try it! We can play Kahoot to “break the ice”, by creating a quiz game based on different cultures Let’s get started Kahoot.it 1847908