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  1. Stress: What is it? A reaction to an anxiety-producing stimulus. Biological Reaction: Brain prepares you to either avoid (flight) or confront (fight) the stressor. •Fight or flight? Body prepares for battle. Overwhelming urge to vomit, poop, and pee. •Neurotransmitters? Epinephrine and adrenaline start moving through your brain. •Nervous system? Heartrate increases and blood flows muscleward. •Blood pressure? MASSIVE increase. Controlling and managing stress: the Locus of Control Hans Selye and the GAS: Generalized Adaptation Syndrome
  2. Hans Selye was a Hungarian endocrinologist who worked in Canada for most of his life. He conducted pioneering experiments on stress during the 1950s and ’60s. He discovered the General Adaptation Syndrome by accident, while injecting mice for hormone research. He invented the term “stress” during the 1930s. Turns out both good and bad stressors result in the GAS.