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IWOM watch 2012 compilation_wechat development (Part 4)

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IWOM watch 2012 compilation_wechat development (Part 4)

  2. 2. PAGE. 3 Tencent Developments PAGE. 4 WECHAT WeChat Developments PAGE.5-7DEVELOPMENT Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network PAGE. 8-10 Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O
  3. 3. Tencent Developments QQ Circle and Other New Functions of Tencent QQ Circle Q-Zone Timeline “The same day last year” New Chat Function Tencent launched the new Q-zone function March 31, “PengYou” launch a new “Timeline”, allowing users to record their chat function, which was warmly “past”, ”present” and ”future” Q-Zones received. Tencent refute rumors that lives in a “facebook-esque” timeline. Clicking on any point of the timeline will let QQ Circle will replace “PengYou” with you read the stories going on at the time. this function. March 21, Tencent Experience Center launch "QQ Circle". The function helps users group their friends according to their real life relationships. The number next to each friend shows how many mutual friends that you have. Users can add friends directly, initiate a chat “The same day last year” recently launched or play session, and view the each in Tencent Weibo. This function tells you other’s personal information through what you were tweeting about on the same day last year. “QQ Circle”SummaryRecently, the launch of “QQ Circle” initiated animated discussion by netizens; a search for “QQ Circle” in Sina Weibo returns 155,878 results. Whentalking about the service, QQ Circle users often referred to the functions that help you to group your connections, find people who aren’t in yourimmediate circle but know by association. “QQ Circle”, Tencent has also introduced a few other new functions, like Timeline, a new chat function anda “same day last year” function. 3
  4. 4. WeChat Developments WeChat Upgrades Attract Over a Million Users in 433 days WeChat 1.0 WeChat 2.0 WeChat 3.0 WeChat 4.0 Sending and receiving Voice chatting Shake Photo and video exchange Messages QQ mailing LBS My AlbumSummaryBetween January 2011 and April 2012, Tencent’s WeiXin, or “WeChat” in its English language interface, has undergone frequent upgrades to makethe communication platform more social. From text and voice messaging, to photos and multimedia messaging, to friend finding functions and socialnetwork style profiles, WeChat is rapidly becoming China’s cross-demographic, closed group social network. By “closed” social network, we mean onethat limits profile access to friends and approved contacts. Renren has established itself as the dominant SNS platform in China, following theFacebook model. However, with a user demographic that’s predominantly drawn from university campuses, the cross-demographic quality ofFacebook has not been effectively replicated in China. WeChat may be the platform to finally achieve this. This is being facilitated by upgrades thataugment natural communication. The “My Album” function for example, allows users to share their personal photos to their friends, rather thanbroadcast to Weibo, who can then comment, like the popular smartphone application, “Path”. Central to WeChat though, and hugely significant tothe wider evolution of social media, is that this is a mobile social platform. Psychologically and physically affirming it’s primary function as acommunication aid and after all, isn’t that the defining characteristic of what we consider social? 4
  5. 5. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network From 0 – 200 Million UsersSummaryAt the Internet Society of China’s 2012 China Internet Conference, which was held in September, Tencent’s Ma Huateng announced thatWeChat (Weixin 微信) had exceeded 200 million users. Initially launched in January 2011, alongside a host of other instant messagingclones following in the footsteps of applications like Talkbox, WeChat was a pure mobile messaging application touting the potential toreplace SMS. Through various application upgrades, it’s starting to flex the muscles of its social networking functionality and has evolvedto challenge some of the most popular social networks in China. 10th May 2011 23rd April 2012 2.0 launched, adding 4.0 launched, with Open for brand applications. voice messaging. upgrades that allow it to be regarded a legitimate 3rd August 2011 mobile social networking WeChat 1.0 LBS included. [Link] WeChat 3.0 tool. [Link] But what’s next for Weixin? 26th January 2011 1st October 2011 WeChat 2.0 – 2.5 WeChat 4.0 Launched for iOS as a simple instant 3.0 launched, users can now shake to meet WeChat 5.0 messaging application. strangers and send random messages “in a bottle”. 5
  6. 6. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network The Future and Commercial Application of WeChatWeChat for 2013 Tencent has lined up more social features for WeChat in 2013. Potentially, these features can be particularly significant in helping brands to expand WeChat and the Future of[According to Tencent] their social awareness through the mobile channel. Commercial Application • Instant discount information sent directly to users at 1 specific locations; LBS marketing at its real-world best.Multi-media content sharing • Mobile key opinion leaders;Blog posts, news articles and have local stars promote yourmusic shared amongst peers. 2 brand, in the right place, at the right time. 3 Multi-media content sharing 4 • Fast consumer response unit; Product Recommendations Make these multi-media allowing brands to get content delivery mechanisms Retweets personal with consumers in Users can freely share product more robust. real time, with the support of information to friends and make User generated content can push notifications delivering targeted recommendations. be retweeted from social content to mobile devices. circle to social circle.The big question is how much can brands rely on WeChat to market theirproducts via mobile, while maintaining consumers’ expected conversion rate? 6
  7. 7. Tencent’s “WeChat” – The Rise and Rise of a Private Social Network Current Methods of WeChat MarketingCurrent ApplicationsExisting Brand Marketing Examples Via WeChat. WeChat is evolving all theAccording to marketing and planning representatives from Tencent, bespoke WeChat marketing products for time, so only time will tellbrands will start to emerge on the market in late fourth quarter this year. Currently, it’s all still at an early stage, of it’s marketingwhere brands are left to open official accounts and attempt to engage with users organically. engagement efficacy, butSome of the more social media savvy brand have already got their feet wet, and here are how they have so far the future looks promising.promoted themselves through Weixin: Case 1: Case 2: Starbucks, Emoticons, Music and QR Codes China Merchants Bank Drift Bottle Messaging Being a messaging application, WeChat offers a Each time a consumer picks up on of WeChat’s wide range of emoticons, which are very handy “messages in a bottle” sent out by from China when a brand want to be more casual and Merchants Bank, the bank makes a donation personal with their consumers. Naturally to charity. though, this has to suit the brand. This is a new case where brands are uplifting Starbucks encouraged consumers send them their image through mobile channel, emoticons expressing their mood at that highlighting the implications of social media moment. In return, they received a song that engagement for corporate social responsibility. captured that mood. Whether or not this translated into selling cups In this case the brand is able to react to of coffee, we don’t know yet. consumer actions in real time. 7
  8. 8. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O WeChat promotes the mobile membership card How it works…WeChat’s membership card: Then, follow the And get members’ Customer scan a QR steps to get the discounts whileOffers local discount code while in store. membership card… shopping.coupons that consumerscan take advantage ofwhether shopping in-storeor onlineWeChat is connectingbrands with theircustomers to form anauthentic, “acquaintance-like” social network, withthe help of QR codes.Summary:In essence, the traditional membership card rewarded repeat custom with discounts that encouraged shoppers to come back to the store,feeling they were part of an elite band of preferential consumers. In reality though, a membership card can be inconvenient to remember,easy to lose and impersonal to use. Your phone though, is always with you and increasingly becoming a personal life tool, set up to serve asa pocket sized personal assistant. Of course, the mobile phone is an eminently more suitable interface for “Online to Offline” engagement,or O2O. Not only is it based in real-time experience and real-world impulse, it’s a tool for instant payment and social sharing ofconsumption habits that can inspire your peers. 8
  9. 9. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O Advanced, API fuelled functionality Several companies have already started using the new API ports to power some fairly advanced functionality... Advanced Shopping Recommendations Location-based personalized services Cross-reference of brand’s CRM system “Guang”- a public account guide that’s The "Ding Jiudian" ("Book Hotels") account focused on social shopping, responds to allows users to send their current location Another up and coming example of this user requests smartly with keyword data to the account through WeChat, for offline to online engagement is being based text. which they’ll receive a detailed list of explored by Ping An Auto Insurance. It will nearby hotel recommendations. allow users, those who are current clients CASE: A user asks for “Plants for the office”, of Ping An and therefore enrolled in their so Guang suggests CRM system, to file auto insurance claims suitable products. If directly through WeChat, incorporating the user’s not satisfied location based data to record the site of by this set of the accident, photo and video messaging recommendations, to record the details and extent of the they click “dislike”, and the system vehicle damage, and contact information generates alternatives. of all those involved.WeChat launched small-scale testing of “custom API function calls” for its public platform with a select group of partners.These new API ports will be used to connect to companies existing CRM systems, enabling businesses with public-facing accounts(including media organizations, celebrities, small businesses and app developers) to use these ports to provide their users with an evermore personalized set of services. 9
  10. 10. Tencent’s “WeChat” A Top Tool For O2O From Social Marketing to Social CRMHow can brands use WeChat to connect with their target audience?Brands Target Audience Communication  Suited for service brands Membership Card Brand Fans  Cross-reference with existing CRM  One-to-one interaction exclusivity and Engagement Potential Customers real-time communication O2O & Existing Customers  Location-based services and marketing  Precisely targeted, more efficient marketing Integration API and sales communication Real Customers  Integrated with existing CRM system to enhance customer service and loyalty.CIC View:WeChat can provide a solution to both the challenge of maintaining a relationship with existing consumers and converting brandfans to actual customers via a tailored strategy of communication, engagement and integration. Thus, it is not only a marketingtool but a mechanism that offers improved efficacy in customer service via universal, 020 CRM. The new challenge is tailoringrelevant user experience to provide authentic, effective engagement that augments an existing CRM system. 10
  11. 11. About CIC IWOM WATCH CIC is Chinas leading social business intelligence provider, enabling enterprise to fully leverage the power of social media and Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) intelligence across the organization. Since 2004, CIC has pioneered IWOMized technology, research and consulting. Firstly, by coining the term IWOM and then being the first to raise the concept of “social business” in China. As the industry thought leader, we have always been at the forefront of China’s internet and social business revolution. CIC is China’s largest integrated 3rd party provider of technical IWOM solutions, social media studies and social business intelligence. In order to help companies effectively leverage this social business intelligence, CIC provides customized research, consulting services, syndicated reports, and industry trend watches, rich in actionable insight. In addition to helping brands accomplish their social business aims, CIC is also monetizing the social business industry in China, creating an integrated social business support system (IWOMmaster), powered by our proprietary technical solutions and platforms. CIC utilizes its own patent pending technology to capture millions of online conversations and “makes sense of the buzz” by analyzing them to draw out insight that leads to more effective action. CIC gathers and mines over 100 million naturally occurring consumer comments every month, from a range of uniquely Chinese social media platforms including blogs, BBS, microblogs and social networking sites, then by applying our unique, China focused methodology, provide a comprehensive picture of the social media landscape and its implications for business. To date, CIC has archived almost 7 billion mentions of brands and products, from over 2 billion consumer comments. CIC has developed solid, long-term retainer relationships with leading multinational agencies and Fortune 500 companies. For over 8 years, CIC has persisted in analyzing the milestones of China’s social media landscape, sharing the most innovative concepts and practices in IWOM in white papers and trend watches of various industries. We’ve always been committed to providing an unbiased, third-party perspective, to enrich the whole industry and help enterprise grasp the revolutionary opportunities brought about by the development of social business. In early 2012, as China’s leading social business intelligence provider, CIC agreed to be acquired by WPP’s Kantar Media, the media research and insight division of Kantar, as a move to strengthen its position and with aim to expand its social offering across Asia Pacific. Kantar Media has over 5,000 employees around the world, is currently working with 22,000 companies, tracking 3 million brands across 50 countries. As the consumer insight arm of WPP, Kantar Media provides strategic advice and competitive intelligence to the world’s leading brands, publishers, agencies and industry bodies, helping them navigate and succeed in a rapidly evolving media industry. (media release) CIC will continue to provide social business intelligence from an objective, third-party perspective, to the world’s leading brands and agencies.© 2012 CIC
  12. 12. About IWOM Watch IWOM WATCH What is IWOM Watch: A monthly digest of the hottest trends, creating the biggest buzz, reflecting China’s unique online culture. CIC’s exemplary case studies and detailed analysis of the month’s most significant online marketing campaigns allow you to listen, know, and participate in China’s unique digital community. As the industry’s thought leader and pioneer of Internet Word of Mouth (IWOM) and social business in China, our finger is always on the pulse of the hottest online issues and influential IWOM. Since 2006, our monthly Watch reports have been distilling social business intelligence that not only keep our retainer clients on the leading edge of China’s IWOM, but also inform their strategic planning with insights into platform development, netizen behavior and social culture of the world’s largest, most dynamic and fragmented digital landscape. In this IWOM Watch compilation, we have collected and categorized a series of articles that bring 2012 into focus. For marketers, this is a year in the life of China’s social Internet. Copyright Statement The majority of the pictures and related quotes are from publicly available information. This report is copyrighted material owned by CIC. Any improper use of this document or its content will be considered a violation of CIC IP copyright and CIC has the right to take legal action.© 2012 CIC
  13. 13. CIC IWOM watch archive IWOM WATCH If you would like to find updated IWOM intelligence (CIC White paper, IWOM Watch and Social business eNewsletter) in one place, then apply for your IWOMmaster ID now. 2012: 2012 IWOM Watch Travel Special Edition | view 2009 IWOM watch Compilation 2011 | view IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2009 | view IWOM watch 1st half year review 2009 | view 2011: IWOM watch Special Edition: Microblog | view 2008 IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2008 | view 2010: IWOM watch 1st half year review 2008 | view IWOM watch Special Edition: LBS (Location-based service) | view IWOM watch May Special Edition (Sichuan Earthquake) 2008 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 7) - How brands marketing under social media age | view 2007 IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 6) IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2007 | view - Interaction in virtual gaming world between brands and netizens | view IWOM watch 1st half year review 2007 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 5) - The inspiration from “Shai”,“Show” culture for brand marketing | view 2006 IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 4) IWOM watch 2nd half year review 2006 | view - Spoof – Brand’s “ending” or “chances”? | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 3) - Viral videos storm come up with brands | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 2) - Brands Crisis upgrade to 2.0 | view IWOM watch compilations from 2006 to 2010 (part 1) - New product promotion way through new media - Seckill & Group purchase | view View more on IWOM Backstory© 2012 CIC
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