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Viral video cinema vol.23:content is king in video marketing

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Viral video cinema vol.23:content is king in video marketing

  1. 1. Content is King in Video Marketing Why do audiences share your videos? According to the research, gaining reputation among friends and families are most important reasons that we share interesting or useful information to social platforms. Bands could utilize this characteristic to design creative ads and make it viral.<Read blog> LG: Steady Feathers Dave, an avid photographer, discovers the secret to steadicam effects on the go and puts it into action with his pet chicken rigged up with Galluscam... PooPourri : Girls Don't Poop Do you feel anxious to poop in public toilets like in friend's house or your working place? The ad shows how to poop elegantly without any smell in a happy tone. Chipotle: the Scarecrow How many restaurants claim to be "healthy and fat free"? Well, the place that scarecrow works doesn't look as it seems to be. The cartoon is from the mobile game made by a restaurant. Red Bull: Danny MacAskill's Imaginate Red Bull is famous for its sponsorship of extreme sports these years. Danny MacMaskill, the well-known cyclist plays in the video, as if he were accidentally put into the Giants. GoPro: Fireman Saves Kitten This video is sure to be popular among netizens since it combines attractive elements together: the young, strong fireman, and the weak little kitten..Smart move, GoPro. Carrie(2013) : Coffee Shop Surprise What if telekinesis was real?The hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee shop as they witness a telekinetic event. Scan the Qrcode on the left to read on mobile devices. We have more than 1000 videos and 48 Playlists have been collected in SEEISEE official video bank in Tudou.com and Youku.com. We will keep updating the latest and best videos all the time. Previous Blog Posts : 1. 微影院第 22 期:8 支旅游类广告,看完就去旅行吧! 2. 微影院第 21 期:用幽默降降温 3. 微影院第 20 期:让图片流动起来 4. 微影院第 19 期:耀目星光 5. 微影院第 18 期:以童话和魔法之名 Contact Us : weibo.com/seeisee Wechat ID:seeiseeCHAT