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Viral video cinema volume 17:cool videos of high technology products

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Viral video cinema volume 17:cool videos of high technology products

  1. 1. Bi-weeklyPowered by CIC“Bring the Future Forward”, Bradsitting in the new Cadillac,demonstrating luxury journey.“What does Facebook Home looklike?” In this video, there is anactor named Mark Zuckerberg.Still using an iPhone? Out and“Old”! See how young generationare showing off their Samsungbeside the POOL!If you are a Star Trek fans or Audifans, or, a fan of The Lord of Ring,you would truly LOOOOOVE this!Clothes that are a bit different…Maybe they come from thefuture! I bet you want one.You would be free to use thephone and play social mediaafter you drive a Fiat.In viral video cinema, we collect all kinds of viral videos, creative ads and micro movies, covering Beauty,Sports, FMCG, IT, Luxury, Education, Auto, Food and Beverage, and many other industries and specialcategories.Up till now, more than 800 videos and 46 Playlists / Doulists have been stored in SEEISEE official videobank in Tudou.com and Youku.com. Meanwhile, we will keep updating the latest and best videos all thetime.Scan the Qrcode on the left to read on mobile devices.