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REDD+ Policy Network Analysis in Ethiopia

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Presentation by Lemlem Tejebe on April 5, 2019 at Workshop in Ethiopia ("Forests and climate change: research results and implications for REDD+ and forest governance in Ethiopia")

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REDD+ Policy Network Analysis in Ethiopia

  1. 1. REDD+ Policy Network Analysis in Ethiopia Melaku Bekele and Lemlem Tejebe Contact: lemlem.tejebe@gmail.com CIFOR Knowledge Sharing Workshop Nexus Hotel, Addis Ababa, 8-9 April 2019
  2. 2. Method: Data Collection REDD+ actors identified in consultation with national REDD+ secretariat and several NGOs  REDD+ Actors • 33 Organizations in structured interviews • 30% of those involved in semi-structured interviews • Senior and mid-level experts were interviewed • Interviews conducted from June to November 2017  Missing information from WB, USFS
  3. 3. Category (11) and Color Code Included in network analysis (33) Government (6) MEFCC, MoANRS, National REDD+, MoWIE, EMA, Oromia REDD+ Nat’l Research/Academic Institutes (7) WGCF-NRs, CSC-AAU, EEFRI, EBI, EDRI, FSS, HoA-REC&N Nat’l Business organizations (3) CTCR, BCE, ESC Nat’l Env. NGO (3) EWNRA, ECCCFF, PHE Int’l Env. NGOs/Networks (2) FA, GGGI Int’l NGO (non-environment) (1) WV Int’l Research Institutes (2) CIFOR, ICRAF Int’l Organizations (4) WB, FAO, UN-REDD, UNDP Foreign government agencies (2) RNE, USFS Professional Association (2) EFS, BSE Hybrid/Multi-stakeholder (1) CCRDA
  4. 4. Results and Discussions
  5. 5. Power Relations among Actors  Measured by “Indegree” = An actor who receives many ties from other actors  26 out of 33 indicates MEFCC as an influential actor in Domestic REDD+ policies.  Followed by WB, MoANRs, Oromia REDD+, RNE, MoWIE and National REDD+ Secretariat.
  6. 6. Reciprocated communication and information exchange Org Reci MEFCC 24 WGCF 14 MoAN Rs 13 Oromia REDD+ 12 WB 11 REDD+ Sec 11 EEFRI 10 CIFOR 10 Reciprocity: number of actors that mutually say they give and take information from each other
  7. 7. Reciprocated communication ..  Private sectors, professional associations and hybrid/multi stakeholder groups do not have a reciprocated relation with others.  Governmental institution mostly exchanges information with national research and academic institution and other governmental institutions.
  8. 8. Brokerage of information  Actors without direct information exchange, indirectly gain information through the bridging actors or brokers.  Brokerage: Actors who gets info from the source and give info to
  9. 9. Brokerage of information  Main brokers of information: • MEFCCC • CIFOR • PHE • REDD+ Sec • ECCCFF • WGCF-NR • EEFRI • GGGI • CSC-AAU • EWNRAs  17 out of 33 organizations relied on MEFCC to obtain reliable scientific information on REDD+. Followed by WGCF-NRs, CIFOR and EEFRI.  CIFOR controls the flow of scientific information as a broker.  The role of Research and academic Institutes, Non- Governmental organizations is high.
  10. 10. Give Funds network  Measured by “Outdegree” = Number of people funded by me  Main funding source: RNE  Main funding channel: FA & HOA-REN
  11. 11. Disagreements in 2017  Not so many disagreements.. • MEFCC and MoANRs are the most influential actors, and the focus of some disagreements • Can be a useful discussion point for us
  12. 12. Actor Interest and Effort in REDD+ Activities High interests and efforts Low interest and efforts • Forest conservation • Design of national and sub- national level REDD+ strategies • Tenure Rights (land, trees) • Biodiversity conservation • Poverty alleviation • Adaptation to climate change • Community-based forest management • Sustainable logging • REDD+ policy design at the international level • REDD+ Implementation at the site level • Forest governance • Carbon financing/ trading List of REDD+ activities where REDD+ actors in Ethiopia show high vs. low interest and efforts
  13. 13. Actor Interest and Effort in REDD+ Activities Organizations with widest range of interest: - Oromia REDD+, FA, GGGI - MEFCC less interested in Sustainable logging and agricultural land use emission reduction - RNE less interested in Sustainable logging practices - National REDD+ Agricultural land use emission reduction, Sustainable logging and tenure. 76 100 82 84 78 98 89 80 93 78 67 Actors Interest and Effort in REDD+ Activities
  14. 14. Challenges for an effective REDD+ national implementation 1. Lack of knowledge and awareness on REDD+ 2. Lack effective coordination between state agencies, the private sector, and civil society 3. Problem in effectively addressing main drivers of deforestation and clarification of Tenure right
  15. 15. Conclusion  The ball is still in the hands of the government and donors.  Government and donors have high influence and control funding with less private sector involvement  Government and research institutions control information flows  Most influential actors do not have a considerable role in information exchange  REDD+ is not engaging the private sector nor forest communities possibly because it has not shown direct and tangible benefits for them.  Influential gov’tal actors are in disagreement mostly with research and academic institutions.
  16. 16. Thank you