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Cio limond

  1. 1. BRIC Forum Brussels 2012 ‘Supporting the Mobile Citizen’ Bill Limond (Former) CIO City of London 14th December 2012 bill@limond.com
  2. 2. London 2012
  3. 3. London Eye Olympic Twitter Mood Meter
  4. 4. Bill Limond – CIO Speedy CV Independent CIO :- • City of London • British Gas • BAE SYSTEMS • Pilkington • UK Government • Alghanim - Kuwait & India • Audit Commission • Service Corporation International • Rexam Print • BP – Group IS Strategy UK Government Advisor • Programmes, Projects & Procurement
  5. 5. Will CIOs disappear in 10 years? • When IT standard, no longer need CIOs. • Role often ill-defined, confused & misunderstood. • More than ½ CIOs said no clear role definition. • 71% senior managers & 91% analysts agree. • Many CEOs & Executives don’t understand what makes successful CIO. • No standard role for Information Officer. Cranfield Business School & Deloitte CC Cr
  6. 6. Today • Mobile • BYOD • ‘Consumerisation’ • Social Media • Cloud • Big Data
  7. 7. IM Value Chain IT IS IM & BP Knowledge Sharing Strategy Knowledge Knowledge Info Sharing Mgmt. & Bus Process Information IS IT Data Service IT Business Value/Knowledge
  8. 8. CIO Mission Facilitate & improve - cost effectively :- § Management & Communication of Information § Streamlining of Business Processes § Knowledge Sharing
  9. 9. ‘Why Mobile?’ Everybody’s doing it !
  10. 10. Blackberry boss defends messenger's role in riots Stephen Bates, Blackberry   MD, in evidence to Commons home affairs committee about BBM role in civil unrest across England. BlackBerry blues - RIM and its troubles “Majority abided by the Research In Motion can ill afford embarrassing service interruptions Economist & Wenn.com law during the riots. In many
  11. 11. Nuts and bits Smartphones in Africa sack . ABRAHAM TAKURA leans over jute Holds smartphone in front of white label, text & black lines. Not taking dull photographs: he’s scanning barcode. Phone records & sends important data to Walldorf, Germany: Fati Karimu’s sack of shea nuts delivered to Janga warehouse. Janga, in northern Ghana, home to about 3,000 people, is reached by a spine-jarring 40- minute ride along an unmade, red-earth road. Water has to be obtained from the pump, but telecommunications are on tap. Economist - P.L. JANGA
  12. 12. Third of under-10s 'own mobiles' – Let’s do lunch! Children, like adults, BYOB (Bring your own bib.) crave the latest Gadgets. Survey of parents - nearly third of children aged ten or under now have own mobile phone. One in ten children using an internet capable smartphone, such as iPhone or Android. (Cloud security firm - Westcoastcloud)
  13. 13. Children have 'nobody to talk to' Maggie Atkinson, Children's Commissioner, encourages parents to engage with their children more. New technology could leave children lonely. Questioned if activities & video games left children with "nobody close to them".
  14. 14. Consumerisation - Power of many Shift from personal to personalised computing • Foxconn factory - Shenzhen. 400,000 people • Square mile, manufacturing ,housing, medical facilities & educational centres. • Electronic devices for Western companies. • Apple, Samsung & other giants drive down prices. • China’s Huawei & Taiwan’s HTC, using cost advantage to build own
  15. 15. ‘Beyond the PC’ • Digital workforce & smart phones take us beyond PC. • Technology at forefront of boardroom discussions. • Impact unknown, but huge over next decade. • How will technology transform business, social & economic fortunes? Economist
  16. 16. Mobile – Why? Serve Clients, Citizens • Faster, better, • On the move and • Cheaper.
  17. 17. iPad invasion: CIOs need plans to tap into tablets Forrester report predicts growing use of tablets by executives in place of files or documents & by mobile Professionals instead of laptops.
  18. 18. Let them have iPads… Tablets for civil servants save taxpayers' cash? iPads - replace printers & paper? Central government print c.£104m p.a. - committed to reducing print. £380 iPad : 1.16 million people = £440m. Payback > 4 years. Both Commons & Lords allow members Tablets in place of paper bundles.
  19. 19. Keep taking the tablets… Adapting personal IT for business Borrowing ideas from consumer technology • Florida Hospital, Danielle Reed smartphone, group texts, alerts. • Check medicines & side-effects. • Identify patients pills. • Quieter for patients & workers. • Avoids noisy public paging system. • Voalté -“voice”, “alarm” & “text”- modifies smartphones for medics.
  20. 20. Apps on Tap The beauty of bite-sized software Economist
  21. 21. THE RISE OF THE APP •  No mobile presence - like not having a website in 1999/2000 • By 2014 Gartner predicts mobile will over-take PCs. • Google 2010 stat – nearly quarter of all searches via mobile • Smartphone statistics :-  23% Android  26% iPhone  14% Blackberry  33% of UK adults have a Smartphone (YouGov March 2011) (David Mann – Direct Gov, Stuart Harrison Lichfield, Guy Giles Looking Local)
  22. 22. THE RISE OF THE APP • Most popular DirectGov apps - Travel news & Job search • Be aware when building app - it doesn’t stop there… • They tend to break when the operating system changes   • Key question Do you really need an app ? • Smarter Mobile browsers = ‘mobile enabled’ website • If ‘mobile enabled’ website right then need for app decreases. • If app really necessary then users expect high service level   (David Mann – Direct Gov, Stuart Harrison Lichfield, Guy Giles Looking Local)
  23. 23. THE RISE OF THE APP • Mobile statistics :-    16% of mobile usage occurs when watching TV (IPSOS MORI)  15-24 year olds spend 55 mins/day texting Average texting time/day is 21 mins    Consider having specific text services e.g. Text ‘Cleansing 12345’ (David Mann – Direct Gov, Stuart Harrison Lichfield, Guy Giles Looking Local)   
  24. 24. Mobile – Corporate Upside • Inform Clients, Citizens • faster, better • on the move. • Mobile devices transform organisations. • Increased productivity = higher revenues & happier employees. • High morale companies recruit & retain high-value employees.
  25. 25. CIO’s Mobile concerns • Each platform supported & application deployed increases IT’s burden exponentially. • Controlling security & management effort are critical to success. • But we must understand the challenge.
  26. 26. The New Normal (1) • More than 200 new tablets & 250 new smartphones announced globally in 2011. Many new devices emerge. • The problem isn't managing one consumer device. Employees will own several devices that churn rapidly. • Consumerisation always wins, "enterprise" devices will never be popular & users won't want them. • Mobile apps & services as much of a challenge as devices. Provide new ways to communicate & collaborate. • Devices and services can no longer be separated: - Apple, Google, Nokia .... (Gartner)
  27. 27. The New Normal (2) 1. No platform, device or form factor will win. Many will coexist. 2. The cloud will become the point of synchronisation. 3. HTML5 won't solve all your cross-platform problems. 4. Enthusiasm for mobile deployments run ahead of security. 5. Consumer mobile apps are setting new enterprise app expectations (e.g. usability, application style) Consumer = Moment of truth, moment of need Enterprise = Information at the point of need Gartner
  28. 28. Changing Nature of Work – More Choice and More Mobility 2008 2015 • Corporate control • Flexibility • Office-based • Anywhere • Planned, • Real-time, structured "adhocracy" • Device-centric • Network- & cloud- centric • Organization Gartner
  29. 29. How Much Choice Can a CIO Permit? Information security User satisfaction Risks of information loss, Knowledge workers & millenials won't accept rigid device/app restrictions can something IT doesn't control ever be secure? Consumerisation always wins Financial risks The consumer market is larger Roaming costs, excessive than the enterprise market & data consumption app innovates more rapidly purchases, m-payment Gartner
  30. 30. Common Mobile Challenges 1. Securing Data. 2. Supporting Multiple Devices. 3. Simplifying Deployments. 4. Maintaining low maintenance costs. 5. Back-office Integration.
  31. 31. BYOD - Bring Your Own Drink? BYOD? I'll pop down for the 1787 Lafitte. Hold that cork, not wine, tablets. Shame. 1787’s really stupendous. What’s this BYO Device... In 2007, IT philosophy was different. Now BYOD - Bring Your Own Devices to work. IT departments have to get used to it.
  32. 32. Bring your own Mobile London • Compliance • Security • 2 Factor Authentication
  33. 33. ‘Social’ Media St Paul’s JPG
  34. 34. CIOs will disappear in 10 years? • Career Is Over? • When IT standard, organisations will no longer need CIOs? • Organisations still need CIOs • Information ASSET • Change & Innovation Originators.
  35. 35. CIO Rope Tricks 1. Let users pull - don't push I.T. (too much) 2. It's easy for the organisation to tie itself in I.T. knots 3. Harness the potential 4. Keep your balance 5. Avoid the lynching party
  36. 36. London Eye Olympic Twitter Mood Meter
  37. 37. London 2012
  38. 38. BRIC Forum Brussels 2012 ‘Supporting the Mobile Citizen’ Bill Limond (Former) CIO City of London 14th December 2012 Bill@Limond.com