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Project work on wikis: Process and product

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By Happy Goh and Brad Blackstone. Centre for English Language Communication, NUS.


This talk showcases wikis, a useful platform for collaborative projects, as they were used in a professional communication course. Collaborative projects are usually done outside class time. The wiki platform allows project teams to house their work online and it enables a tutor and team members to keep abreast of their own and other teams’ project work. Each team can create wiki pages on which components of the projects can be shared. Because the wiki platform archives each edited version of any project document, it captures the contribution of every member of the team, whereby a tutor is updated on the process involved in completing the project. At the same time, the tutor and peers can give feedback in the form of comments on each wiki page at different stages of the project to keep team members on track.

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Project work on wikis: Process and product

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