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Question 3

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media evaluatio question 3

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Question 3

  1. 1. We decide that our film best suits the requirements for an independent film so therefore we needed companies that were known for their independent films to produce and distribute our media product Also due to the type of audience that we feel that our product attracts are those that are going to be highly educated and particular in what they want to watch so they will be part of a very niche market. Which these two companies will know how to target.
  2. 2.  We have chosen to go with Film4 and warp films to co-produce. The reason for this is that they have worked together many times before on films that are similar to our productions they are films like ‘This is England’ and ‘Tyrannosaur’ these films are very successful so that shows that these two companies know what they are doing and are very likely to help and have a lot of knowledge of what would be the best for the type of production that I am looking to make  As well as having produced successful films in co-production with film4 Warp films are known for producing ‘social realism’ films. So they will then be able to give advise on what to do that will appeal to the specific audience in a better way than what is planned to happen. They will also be used to working with the limited budget that we have available to make the film so along with film4 they will have the knowledge to be able to suggest ways to produce a high quality product that is within the budget they are provided.  By using two production companies it is giving a slightly larger budget than what a normal independent film would achieve as they do not always gain the ability to be vertically integrated which means that the company can do more than one stage of production, distribution and exhibition by itself without further input. This is a difficulty that big conglomerates do not need to consider as they have the sufficient funds to support this.  An advantage to using film4 as well is that they are willing to fund up and coming directors or any independent films they do this to help a new generation of film makers make a name for themselves and with the additional funding of film4 they are then able to create something that is closer to the reality and the idea that they came up with. Aswell as doing this they can give slots to air the film on TV.
  3. 3.  Production, distribution and exhibition are there different stages to making , marketing and releasing a film.  Production- usually involves the planning and making of the idea so looking at cast, locations shooting schedule, Filming and everything that goes into the overall making of the media product. This is the first part of the of the film making chain so it includes research into the different representations and decision of the narrative. The later within the production post- production will begin, this includes editing of the video and adding any additional non diegetic sound to the media product and any type of effects that are going to be used.  Distribution- is the stage where the marketing of the film happens and when the product is delivered across to the specific audiences that it will appeal to. For this particular section we will use Studio canal Uk. They have been known for releasing similar type of films as to ours. They would decide on exactly how we are going to market the media product so if we are going to use web 2.0 marketing approach which is cheaper as it is classed as below the line marketing, or use other forms of media to distribute our product which can be quite expensive.  Exhibition- This is the final part of the process, it is where the product is shown to the audiences including critics and different review companies. Then the film would go out to the cinemas and our production is most likely be going out to the independent cinemas but also on some TV spots especially as one of our producers includes film4.
  4. 4.  Well for our product I feel it would be most appropriate to use below the line marketing like web 2.0 which appears on converged devices especially on twitter and Facebook, the reason for this is that both our primary and secondary audiences are very likely to see the marketing of the film and would have easy access to looking at the marketing online.  Our secondary audience are 20 year olds are digital natives , fox thinker people as they have been brought up in the world of technology and the internet. Due to this some of them are part of what is called gauntlets making and doing culture as they are beginning to make their own media products and are placing them nline and some of them are doing very well out of this, making them an active audience as they are likely to cast their opinion of the film online in many different forms which many people are then likely to see and read.  So I would say that our choice of below the line marketing is very appealing to our audience and so therefore is suitable for them. This also includes the our primary audience as they are within an age as well as our secondary audience where the internet and the use of the internet is becoming a necessity within society so they are very likely to have some form of knowledge of the internet and how to use it.
  5. 5.  The AIDA scale is used within marketing of a media product and also the advertising. It stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action.  AIDA is a scale that shows and describes the different things that the consumer goes through when interacting with the media product  This scale can be applied to our media product like this:
  6. 6.  Through our use of below the line marketing web 2.0 weill allow our audience to become more aware of the film the we have made and what it will be like due to different things that will be shown and can be seen on the converged devices
  7. 7.  Realeasin teaser trailers and screen shots of different parts of our production will intrigue the audience as they will want to know what is happening next or how things will end up.  Creating INTEREST to the film and make them feel like they need to watch it.
  8. 8.  The desire of the audience can be met by releasing short clips of different parts of the film online so that they can be veiwed on different website and possibly be advertised ther.  Also due to the production company film4 and their support they will be willing to show the film and so they will want to advertise when they are going to show it giving the audience a chance to see the short clips of the film easily on their TV without feeling the need to go online and search for it.  This clip will be log enough that the audience will be able to gather parts of the narrative but not enough to know the full story , and give the ability to our target audience to decide on whether or not going to see the film is for them or no, wheter or not it would satisfy their needs which can be decided according to Bulmers and Katz gratification theory as some members of the target audience may be looking for something that entertains them however I think for our specific audiencsce it will be information and personal identity.
  9. 9.  With a combination of all the different types of marketing used such as web 2.0 and social media as well as the Knowledge gained from the short clips that will be shown then the audience should feel as though they know whether or not they want to go and view the film. Also whether or not they want to know the full story and watch the whole film fully.