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Content marketing slides down from heightened expectations to disillusionment as brands
begin to realize “content marketing” isn’t the same thing as merely producing content. Whether
on television or YouTube, an advertisement is still an advertisement, and advertisements
are rarely helpful. Those brands that are not succeeding will maintain the vain search for a
silver marketing bullet; they hire a new CMO every two years who continues to run the CMO
playbook: a) fire an agency, b) reorganize staff, c) launch a rebranding campaign. Those that
are succeeding will double-down their investment and add the responsibility of producing
useful content to roles across the organization — and most notably to those outside merely
marketing. The gap between these two lines of thought will widen. Content marketing will
become increasingly a requisite skill for most employees — a minimum barrier to entry, no
different than using a telephone or sending an email.
Communications Director • Lexis

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