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Like blogs, your e-newsletters need to be published consistently and
should be customizable to each subscriber’s delivery preferences. But it’s
also a good idea to incentivize reader interest by offering them something
of value in exchange for the personal information they provide.
Here are a few ideas for stellar e-newsletters:
▶ Foster a sense of belonging among your readers: Publish your
favorite reader comments, give shout-outs to top customers, or
highlight other ways they can get involved in your brand and the
community it serves.
▶ Provide exclusive content or benefits that aren’t available
anywhere else: Give them access to discounts, downloads, insider-
only information, or other special assets and offers.
▶ Use progressive profiling: Slowly and unobtrusively collect
additional data on your subscribers; then, use that information to
customize your email experience to better suit their needs and
Case studies that earn extra points:
Woot! Daily Digest
What makes the content from daily deal site Woot!
stand out from the competition? It comes down to
one word: monkeys. The company’s website and
daily newsletter are crawling with them, telling
jokes, offering product advice, and adding a bit of
humor and personality that transforms each email
from a product-focused alert into an entertaining

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