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Not only can live events help marketers create real-world value that goes
beyond a brand’s products and services, they can also serve as a platform
for additional online content creation – increasing the impact and
relevance of each event and helping keep your business top-of-mind for
longer periods of time.
Here are a few tips for transforming events into powerful content
generation engines:
▶ Engage prospective attendees online before they arrive. Share
travel tip lists, event maps, mobile apps, or other tools that will get
them excited about your event and make the experience easier for
them to manage and enjoy.
▶ Find ways to keep the conversation going after the event takes
place, such as publishing photos from your networking events or
offering on-demand access to popular sessions
▶ Repurpose conference presentations into videos, e-books, social
media posts, and other forms of content that can help them remember
what they’ve learned, or catch up on what they may have missed.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Williams-Sonoma Cooking School
At the Williams-Sonoma Cooking School, small groups
of students prepare, cook, and share meals together
in a fully outfitted kitchen. Open to gourmets of all
skill levels, classes range from cooking quick and easy
summer meals to crafting a traditional French bistro-
style meal. By offering a fun, relaxing, and educational
environment in which foodies can master their craft,
Williams-Sonoma brings passionate patrons in the door,
and sends them away feeling full of culinary inspiration.
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Customers Interact With Brands

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