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Using your website articles to tell a fascinating story about your business
is a great way to attract the attention of readers. But unless you also have
a plan for converting those delighted readers into qualified leads and
loyal customers, there will be no happy ending in terms of reaching your
marketing goals.
Here are a few tips Bumbl’s Greg Miles suggests for helping your
website articles move the needle in the right direction:
▶ Write a compelling call to action: Opt for more creative and original
choices that speak your customers’ language.
▶ Add click triggers: Product ratings, testimonials, or other bits of text
▶ Simplify your lead forms: Make the process of converting as simple
as possible for your customers – even if it means sacrificing some of the
information you would like to gather.
▶ Optimize for mobile: Use responsive article design and streamline
your website experience to make it easy for visitors to read your
articles, navigate through your site, and take action when working on
small screens.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Everlane’s Factory Tours
Every item on the Everlane website includes the
story about the factory where that particular item of
clothing was manufactured. As you read the stories,
you’ll learn details about how long the factory has
been in existence, how Everlane came to work with it,
what materials it uses, information about the owner,
and how many people work there. It’s this type of
transparency that helps Everlane’s consumers feel
confident that they are supporting a company that
cares about ethical working conditions.
Read more: 3 Ways to Use Transparency in Content to
Cut Through the Noise

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