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Here are a few techniques that Neil Patel recommends for maximizing the
power and impact of your photos, illustrations, and other visual assets
– on social networks or any other content platform:
▶ Use a featured image at the beginning of every article or blog post
you publish – and make sure it’s included in the snippets that appear
on your blog page.
▶ Break up long blocks of text by adding one image for every
350 words.
▶ Create a signature style for your visual content, which becomes part
of your brand’s familiar look and feel.
▶ Add your logo and/or a link to custom images and illustrations, so
viewers can trace it back to your brand, no matter where it gets shared.
▶ Add the proper alt tags to every image, so your images will be more
likely to display in search results.
Case studies that earn extra points:
The Geek’s Guide to London
London Technology Week stands as a celebration
of tech innovation and entrepreneurial talent. To
connect with the event’s tech insiders, Ion Interactive
created an online map of London’s hidden science and
technology gems – from museum exhibits, to virtual
reality experiences, to walking tours. By including an
interactive event planner for events, eateries, and
social soirees all over the city, the guide also helped
London’s tech elite speak geek without getting lost.
(Read more in the December 2015 issue of Chief Content
Officer magazine.)

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