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White papers enable brands to offer highly detailed, fact-focused
conversations that few other formats can manage. Follow these tips from
Farland Group’s Roanne Neuwirth to meet your marketing goals while
delivering on your consumers’ informational needs:
▶ Jettison the fluff: Scattershot ideas, poorly researched perspectives,
rehashed promotional materials, and other low-quality, self-serving
content will earn your white papers a time-out – in the trash can.
▶ Select the right topic and point of view: Carefully choose topics that
will enable you to highlight your unique expertise while proving to
readers that you are a credible voice on the issues at hand.
▶ Use it as a jumping-off point: Once your paper has established
your perspective on the topic, you can build a range of accompanying
content pieces to expand on key themes and drive separate-yet-related
▶ Consider collaborating with your customers: Clients can play the
role of expert research panel, adding unique fodder to enhance and
strengthen your perspective.
Case studies that earn extra points:
IBM Marketing Cloud White Papers
It can be hard to get enthusiastic about the standard
white paper – by nature they are highly detailed
and crammed with important data; but this means
they can often come off as stuffy and stiff instead of
imaginative and engaging. Yet IBM’s white papers
manage to defy the stereotypes without sacrificing
the deep insights and analysis that CMOs need in
order to understand the complexities of the today’s
marketing landscape and manage the tasks at
hand. Using a fresh, conversational tone and vivid
visuals, IBM illustrates essential information without
intimidating its audience.

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