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Beyond posting them on your blog posts and social channels – here are
some additional channels LinkedIn’s Jason Miller recommends leveraging
if you want your infographics to reach a receptive and relevant audience:
▶ SlideShare: This presentation-sharing platform can be used to host,
display, and share infographics right from your company’s profile page.
▶ Infographic directories: These allow you to display and then track
traffic from your infographic back to your website or other call-to-
action destinations.
▶ Press releases: Creative visual renderings of information are more
likely to attract the attention of story-seeking journalists than
standard, text-based coverage requests.
Case studies that earn extra points:
The Author Rank Building Machine
Think infographics are all checklists and cartoony
graphics? This example from Vertical Measures will
have you thinking again. Using GIF animation, the
graphic brings the idea of a productive content
engine to life, while walking viewers through all the
technical steps that factor into the ranking process.
Though more complex to create, the eye-catching
effects – and deeper engagement potential – make it
well worth the effort.
Read more: Go Beyond Infographics: Here’s How to
Make a Bigger Impact With ‘Gifographics’

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