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The world’s highest-traffic online presentation site is SlideShare. It’s
over 70 million users consume a lot of business content; yet with over 18
million uploads, there’s also a lot of competition for their attention. Try a
few of these SlideShare secrets to help stack the decks in your favor:
▶ Grab attention right off the bat with a powerful headline.
▶ Keep your story simple and concise so readers don’t lose interest
before they reach the last page.
▶ Emphasize imagery over text by incorporating video, infographics,
photos, and other static images.
▶ Insert a clickable call-to-action link in your slides to make it easy
for the user to take the next desired step.
Case studies that earn extra points:
The Evolution of a Salesperson
Salesforce takes full advantage of the storytelling
potential of SlideShare with this imaginative
presentation on how its connected selling solutions
can help teams overcome the complex challenges of
selling in the digital age. Designed using 8-bit-style
animation, viewers rapidly click through the slides to
simulate a story being told in the style of a flipbook.
It’s an artful example of how to deliver useful,
practical information that the audience can quickly
scan through without missing a single detail.
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Your Favor

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