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Because their interactions take place at a designated place and time,
webinars are one of the few content formats that have an innate urgency.
But that doesn’t mean their value can’t be extended by repurposing the
various components into more evergreen formats and discussions:
▶ Questions posed by participants can become topics for additional
content creation.
▶ The main talking points of the presentation can be repurposed into a
SlideShare deck.
▶ Video webinars can be edited into multiple clips you can post to your
YouTube channel, or add to relevant blog posts.
▶ The audio track can be turned into a podcast.
▶ You can archive past webinars on your site, and offer on-demand
Case studies that earn extra points:
The Association for Supervision and Curriculum
Development (ASCD) is a global community
dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching, and
leading. Given its education focus, it’s no surprise
that webinars are featured prominently among its
content meant to help members stay at the head of
the class (so to speak).
The organization’s robust professional development
online resource center features a rich collection of
webinars addressing timely and relevant topics like
student engagement, classroom technology, and
instructional strategies. By offering these learning
opportunities for free – including its open access
events, as well as members-only lessons – ASCD
is promoting the value of life-long learning, and is
teaching that lesson by example.

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