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This form of content works best when businesses emphasize the “tool”
part of the equation, rather than the “brand”:
▶ Add value, not vanity: Focus on creating something people will
want to use or share with others again and again, regardless of where it
came from.
▶ Make it a hype-free zone: If it’s more self-serving than
customer-serving, you’re doing it wrong.
▶ Enable personalization: Let users take your original idea and add their
own flair to make it something they’ll truly want to share with others.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Westin’s Out of Office Generator
Out of office emails started as a simple way to
manage the expectations of clients, customers, and
other contacts during rare times when you may not
be able to respond right away; but they have grown
to become a de facto way to creatively express your
personality in absentia. Trying to conceive of just the
right message can pile on the pressure – especially
when your pre-vacation to-do list is already a mile
long. Thankfully, you can easily cross off this creative
task with a little help from Westin. By partnering with
the master humorists at McSweeney’s, the travel
brand’s helpful tool provides clever little anecdotes
that can be used to suit any out-of-office experience,
and do so with memorable style.

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