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Want to give your book a boost when it comes to securing shelf space?
Here are some suggestions from Jim Kukral, founder of the Author
Marketing Institute:
▶ Consider self-publishing: Unless you are looking to take your book
on tour, you’ll have the same shot at getting sales whether you have a
publisher or go the DIY route.
▶ Invest in a good editor who specializes in your genre.
▶ Create a killer cover design: When readers can browse dozens of book
choices on Amazon in a matter of seconds, an eye-catching cover will
give you an edge at getting discovered.
▶ Go for a series: Instead of one long book, certain topics work better
when they are broken down into micro-content. Alternately, if your
advice applies across multiple areas of expertise (think the …For
Dummies series), consider writing multiple books, each targeted to a
different industry.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Tealium’s Taming the Digital Marketing Beast
Enterprise tag management provider Tealium found
a fun, retro way to cut through the content clutter:
a children’s book. The company launched Taming
the Digital Marketing Beast to give away at industry
trade shows. The book is meant for attendees to take
home to their kids, and includes a reference guide
for adults on how the company’s digital marketing
technology streamlines complexity and helps unify
marketing applications and data.

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