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High quality podcasts are easier than ever to produce and distribute,
thanks to the availability of inexpensive recording software and sound
equipment. But if you want your show to make it to the top of this
increasingly popular trend, here are some tips Lush Digital Media’s Sarah
Mitchell recommends following:
▶ Be ready to make a long-term commitment: You can’t build an
audience if you quit after only a few episodes.
▶ Publish consistently: If you want your audience to keep your show on
their listening schedule, each episode needs to arrive at the designated
▶ Use text transcripts: Audio-only content doesn’t get indexed by search
▶ Set up a Twitter feed for your show to prompt listeners to tune in.
Include a photo for each episode in your tweets to improve
▶ List your podcast in as many directories as possible: In addition to
iTunes, try Stitcher, Libsyn, SoundCloud, and smaller directories, too.
Case studies that earn extra points:
GE’s The Message
To raise its profile among a younger, tech-savvy
audience, GE produced an eight-episode sci-fi
podcast called The Message. The story follows a
70-year-old message that came from outer space,
the decoding of which is achieved by the members
of Cypher – a fictional encryption think tank,
whose experts rely on real ultrasound technology
(developed by GE) to get the job done. Andy
Goldberg, GE’s global creative director, astutely
describes the effort as “science fiction meets real
science.” (Read more in the February 2016 issue of
Chief Content Officer magazine.)

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