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Learn about today’s cutting-edge technologie
that will help you fuel your content marketing
Though running a virtual conference means you don’t have to worry
about buying blocks of hotel rooms, securing a large enough venue, or
providing evening entertainment, there are still plenty of logistical details
to pay attention to. Make sure attendees have a memorable experience –
for all the right reasons:
▶ Book, and confirm, your speakers as early as possible to avoid
potential scheduling conflicts.
▶ Double-and triple-check your technology. Nothing frustrates
attendees more than poor sound quality, weak video feeds, or other
technical difficulties that keep them from getting the content they
signed up for.
▶ Take multiple time zones into account. If you want both East and
West Coasters to attend, make sure your event doesn’t start too early,
or end too late in the day
▶ Extend the experience by offering on-demand access to those who
were unable to participate at the time of the live event.
Case studies that earn extra points:
While the content marketing industry’s largest
event, Content Marketing World, covers a lot of
ground when it hits Cleveland each year, CMI
realized that there are some tech-related topics that
require a much deeper dive for marketers to master
Enter ContentTECH, a free virtual conference that
enables attendees to immerse themselves in the
mechanics of content marketing – without ever having
to venture into the daylight. Held each February,
keynote speakers bring attendees up to speed on the
latest technological trends and advances impacting
the industry, while a series of live webinars offers
insights and advice on more-practical aspects of
working with today’s marketing tools.

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