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Because e-books are typically highly detailed long-form efforts, they are
ideally suited to being broken up and turned into additional content
assets. The resulting micro-content can then help you cross-promote your
e-book – and your overall insight on the topic – in multiple ways.
Here are a few top-of-the-funnel promotion ideas to get you started:
▶ Post the first chapter on SlideShare as a teaser for the full version.
▶ Record someone from your team reading selected chapters and launch
the recording as a podcast or audio book.
▶ Compile some of the e-book’s useful tips and tricks into an infographic.
▶ Turn your best quotes into tweets, with a link to your landing page.
Case studies that earn extra points:
37 Ways Brands Use Bitly
We all know how useful link shortener Bitly is when
we need to cram a few extra characters into a tweet
or add an easy-to-type URL into a graphic we plan
to share on social media. But did you know it can be
used to help marketers track leads, or even find the
best channel to push a particular product promotion
to? Bitly leveraged the e-book format to highlight the
unexpected ways its little links can be used to make
a big impact on branding, social media, metrics
and content marketing efforts. By including over
30 third-party examples, along with perspectives
from marketers who are personally using the service
for their business, the company makes a pretty
compelling case for marketers to buy-in to Bitly.

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