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Though they can be expensive and time consuming to develop, when
pulled off well, this tactic can take the concept of immersive content to a
whole new level. Here are some ideas to explore:
▶ Expand the story of familiar characters. If you have a company
mascot, or characters your fans would be familiar with, games are a
great way to let fans go deeper into their backstories.
▶ Consider tying your game play to rewards players can earn in real
life. For example, Entertainment Weekly’s Front Row community earns
points for answering survey questions, which can be redeemed for gift
cards from Amazon or iTunes.
▶ Make it easy for players to bring friends in on the fun by including
sharing tools in your game interface, or providing the ability to “ask a
friend” for help advancing their game play.
▶ Use a leaderboard to let fans track their progress against
other players.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Rick & Morty’s Rickstaverse
Part interactive photo album, part hidden object
game, part Choose Your Own Adventure-style
experience, this innovative Instagram effort enables
fans of the subversive Adult Swim cartoon, Rick and
Morty, to join the intrepid intergalactic imbeciles on
an exploration of 11 different planets. Built through
a web of linked Instagram accounts, the game lets
fans dive in and out of photo-powered versions of
locations seen on the show and access a galaxy’s
worth of exclusive content, Easter eggs, and hidden

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