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A good marketing case study not only highlights outstanding work,
it can also serve as a teaching tool that gives readers a better
understanding of the ways your products and/or services can help them
achieve success.
Here are some tips for making case studies easier to create while also
making them more interesting and impactful:
▶ Start by interviewing a real, live person: Case studies have
narrative storytelling value, but need to be rooted firmly in the
experience of the customer – something that’s easier to understand if
you spend time talking to one.
▶ Use photos or videos: Multimedia can make your case studies
more engaging and give you a way to connect with auditory and
visual learners.
▶ Sprinkle in how-to tips: Instead of just explaining how your
customer implemented your solution, offer advice on how others can
do the same.
Case studies that earn extra points:
Think With Google
Google has played a role in many of the most innovative
marketing campaigns; yet Google itself relies on the
tried and true case study to offer testimony to its
marketing prowess. With its straightforward approach,
Google highlights the need-to-know takeaways of each
campaign – its goals, approach, and results – then
uses video to take viewers deeper inside the strategy,
execution, and other dynamics that led to its success.

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