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○ I have a solid understanding of what content
marketing is — and what it isn’t — and can
clearly explain the factors that are required to
make our program successful.
○ I am aware of relevant consumer behaviors and
preferences when it comes to content — both in
general and specific to our industry.
○ I have spoken with our consumer-facing teams
to gain an understanding of who our target
consumers are, what their pain points are, and
what types of content might help us address
their needs and interests.
○ I understand our typical buyer cycle and am
prepared to map the content we create to the
stages of the funnel where it can provide the
greatest impact.
Along with the stats presented here, the following checklist can help you determine how prepared you are to
make a compelling case and convince stakeholders that you have positioned your content marketing strategy
for optimal success.
You may not be able to get every element in place before you ask executives for their support, but the more
boxes you can check off, the more effective your content marketing program is likely to be:

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