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What Can a Super Bowl Ad Buy You in Content?

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What can a Super Bowl ad buy you in content? How else could the $4 million price tag on a :30 TV spot during the big game be spent? Joe Pulizzi looks at ways this could be used for your content marketing efforts.

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What Can a Super Bowl Ad Buy You in Content?

  1. 1. Content Marketing Math: How Much Content You Can Get For the Cost of One Super Bowl Ad?
  2. 2. The average 30-second Super Bowl TV spot costs $4 million That’s $133,000 per second
  3. 3. How much content for your content marketing program could you buy for that?
  4. 4. 53 Issues of your own magazine = 20 hours of engagement per person
  5. 5. 17,750 BLOG POSTS = 10.6 Million Social Shares
  6. 6. 1300 white papers Even fully designed and proofed, that would still be enough for one white paper, every day, for the next 2 years
  7. 7. A Chief Content Officer Content marketing leadership for your company for 27 years
  8. 8. A managing editor Content production expertise for 44 years
  9. 9. 17 full-scale customer events = Personal connections with 4,250 customers
  10. 10. 50 B OOKS 50 books developed for your brand = Established authority in your industry
  11. 11. 4 0 0 400 infographics = a potentially new audience through new channels
  12. 12. Remember: While the business goals of content marketing and traditional advertising are often different, the content you create can be leveraged to have a much longer shelf life than traditional ad space.
  13. 13. For more information on the math behind these equations, read Joe Pulizzi’s recent LinkedIn post: What Can a Super Bowl Ad Buy You in Content? Want to see more content marketing plays? View the Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing Playbook: 24 Epic Ideas for Connecting With Your Customers.