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CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to WordPress Website Migration plugin

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CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to WordPress Website Migration plugin

  1. 1. Joomla K2 to WordPress Migration Plugin
  2. 2.       Joomla K2 to WordPress  Migration Plugin:   How It Works         
  3. 3. Do you think people often move from one platform to another? Yes,                        and there are lots of reasons for that. There are even people that                          migrate their website, just because they do not like the design or                        want more functions and there is nothing else to do except transfer                        to another platform.  In case, you are pluning to migrate your Joomla k2 website to                        WordPress, you can do it with CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to                    WordPress Website Migration plugin. While migrate with this plugin,                  you may save a lot of time, as the migration process last                        approximately 15 minutes. For setting the conversion process                there is no need to acquire any additional skills, but simply follow                        the instructions in the migration wizard.  What Data Can Be Migrated?  ● Posts  ● Categories  ● Tags  ● Comments  ● Images  ● Users  ● Internal Links  ● Attachments  ● Menu Items  ● 301 Redirects 
  4. 4.        
  5. 5. 8 Steps of Website Migration 1. Download the Plugin into your Computer.  To start with the migration go to CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to                      WordPress Website Migration download it and save the plugin on                    your personal computer.            
  6. 6. 2. Install the Plugin to WP Admin Panel  ● Open your WordPress admin panel.  ● Go to “Plugins” ­> “Add New” and upload the file you have                        previously downloaded.  ● When the plugin is installed, click “Activate” button. The                  plugin will appear right in your dashboard.         
  7. 7. 3. Register an Account  If you do not have CMS2CMS account, then register one. Provide                      you email and password.         
  8. 8. 4. Connect to Joomla K2  Now you have to create the connection between your Joomla K2                      and WordPress websites. So, proceed with the following actions:  ● Download the Bridge file to your computer. The file will be                      saved as zip.  ● Extract the ‘cms2cms’ file from the archive.  ● Via any FTP client dashboard upload the file into the root                      directory of your source Joomla K2 website. Root directory is                    the top one with  index.php file.  ● Provide the URL of your source website.         
  9. 9. 5. Configure the Migration  Now when you successfully connect to your Joomla K2, you have                      to configure the migration. Press button and you will be redirected                      to cms2cms. com to finish up the migration.         
  10. 10. 6. Select the Migration Preferences.  Prior to data conversion you should select the additional option,                    which can be applied to your Migration. For Joomla K2 to                      WordPress Conversion you can choose from:  ● Clear current data including test one on WordPress before                  Migration  ● Migrate categories and pages/articles/posts SEO aliases  ● Make URLs SEO­friendly  ● Migrate images and attachments         
  11. 11. 7. Go for FREE Demo Migration  Before starting the actual website conversion, you can try on Demo                      Migration. The limited amount of content will be transferred to the                      WP website, so you will be able to check out how the service                          actually work.            
  12. 12. 8. Start Full Website Conversion  Now, there is the last and the most important step. You have to start                            Full Website Migration and your Joomla K2 will be moved to                      WordPress in a split moment.    As can see, website transfer with CMS2CMS: Joomla! K2 to                    WordPress Website Migration plugin is pretty awesome. You will                  have totally automated and accurate conversion, the time will be                    saved and there is no need to think about any data losses. Than do                            not wait, setup the plugin now and enjoy a new website really soon.