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Migrating Concrete5 to WordPress. A Full Length Guidance

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Searching the way to switch from Concrete5 to WordPress? Check out this all-the-way guideline and ensure your migration go as straightforward and error-free as possible.

For more detailed info go https://wordpress.org/plugins/cms2cms-concrete5-to-wp-migration/

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Migrating Concrete5 to WordPress. A Full Length Guidance

  1. 1. Migrating Concrete5 to WordPress: Full Length Guidance Description: Read through the post to find out about main reasons of Concrete5 to WordPress migration; find out a step-by-step guide of migration from one to another. Keywords: Concrete5 to WordPress migration Concrete5 and WordPress are two quite popular and reputable CMS options that provide a good platform to create something that looks good and works well. They look pretty similar at first glance, but digging into the dashboard of websites reveal the fact that in fact they are quite different properties. The article aims to compare the strengths and weaknesses of both of them and clarify which CMS reigns the highest. Concrete5 has proved itself as reliable and trustworthy CMS solution allowing to build any kinds of websites (e.g. online magazines and newspapers, eCommerce sites, government websites community-based portals, as well as personal and family websites). Concrete5 surely has merits of its own: ● Usability – Concrete5’s dashboard provides you with everything you want to edit and publish a post. ● In-page Editing – With in-page editing available in Concrete5, the whole content compiling process is easy and time-saving. ● Customization – By means of the applications it is possible to extend the functionality as required. ● Free – The software is totally free to download. The company offers free customer service and some free plugins. Everyone can get it from its official website. However, where there is light, there also shadow. The platform indeed has some obvious drawbacks which influence its popularity: ● Limited Addons – Concrete5 has limited addons. Although it can be written, many newbies feel difficult to handle the whole process by themselves.
  2. 2. ● Small Community – There aren’t many active members on its forum yet. As a result, it is hard for users to find effective solutions on its community. WordPress, alternatively, is currently listed as the most popular and credible software package to build any kind of websites with any complexity. Providing enough functionality to appeal to a wide variety of users (newbies and experts alike), the platform has earned the love and loyalty of millions of people all over the world. It managed to dominate the CMS landscape due to the following reasons: ● Popularity – WordPress is indisputably the most welcomed piece of software out there. ● Usability – WordPress is extremely intuitive and easy work with even for the greenest of users. ● Search Engine Friendly – WordPress puts much importance on SEO, offerring numerous plugins in this regard in order to get high positions in search engines. ● Large community –WordPress community is extremely huge filled with both enthusiasts and webmasters. They provide a welcoming place to go in case you got stuck. ● Plenty of Plugins – WordPress offers an abundance of amazing plugins and themes that aim to add any extra functionality and refresh a visual look of a website as often as required. With all that in mind, you are probably searching the easiest and effortless way of Concrete5 to WordPress migration. Why not give a try to CMS2CMS automated migration service and ensure your conversion go as straightforward and trouble-free as possible? The migration with CMS2CMS doesn’t require any coding skills or programming knowledge. For you to get the general idea of the procedure - here we provide a short step-by-step guide: 1. Start migration process by downloading CMS2CMS: Concrete5 to WordPress Migration Plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository. As soon as you’ve done, extract the plugin and activate it by pressing the matching buttons.
  3. 3. 2. Register your CMS2CMS account. Just provide your email and password. 3. Connect Concrete5 - provide its URL address and that’s it. 4. Select Migration Preferences which you’d like to be imported during the conversion. Keep in mind that the service allows to import pages, content images and internal links. When finished, run free Demo Migration to estimate the service in action. 5. Perform Full Migration. After the final click, your Concrete5 website content will be converted to WordPress. That’s it! Enjoy the results of migration and use new possibilities to make your project more successful.