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Modern Workplace: Modernize and automate with M365 – Nenad Veličković.pptx

  1. We support you on the way to the digital workplace with M365
  2. Modern Workplace: Modernize and automate with M365 Nenad Velickovic – Coming Computer Engineering
  3. We didn’t know, now what? Defender for Business M365BP Azure AD Connect 1.x retired, may stop working after 31.12.2022 Changes for Windows licensing from 1.10.2022 / per core VM Microsoft WIP – Microsoft Purview Exchange 2013 EOS, April 2023 Exchange EM service 0day Windows server 2012 R2 EOS, October 2023 Remove last exchange in org, even hybrid need to be patched New way to access on prem resources without CA - cloud trust
  4. • In the last year, the number of Windows, Android, and iOS devices protected by Intune grew by 60%. • More than 80% of new Windows 11 endpoints are cloud-managed from the start. • Nearly 50% of Microsoft-managed endpoints are now cloud-connected, compared to less than 20% in 2020.
  5. Login options in Azure AD FIDO2 hardware key Number matching will be enforced for all users from May 8, 2023
  6. Microsoft Defender for Business
  7. Microsoft Defender for Business
  8. Microsoft Defender for Business
  9. Welcome back Intune!
  10. What is Intune? • Intune is a single, integrated management platform for managing, protecting, and monitoring all of your organization's endpoints. • Endpoints include the mobile devices, desktop computers, virtual machines, embedded devices, servers, and shared devices that your organization, whiteboards, conference room devices.. • Security Baselines, BitLocker, FW, Defender
  11. Azure AD Join vs Hybrid Azure AD Join? •Use as transition step in specific environments •Recommended by Microsoft and way to go
  12. Cloud-native Windows endpoints • Manage Windows Endpoints from cloud only • Allow access to corporate data only to compliant devices • Implement zero-touch provisioning
  13. Device onboarding with Windows Autopilot (zero touch deployment)
  14. Android management high level overview
  15. Android enrollment options
  16. Prioritize security and usability with easy access to critical resources
  17. Identity Governance: Azure AD PIM, JIT for RBAC, Access Review
  18. Azure AD Application Proxy – enable access and IAM to your on-premises applications
  19. If it works, don’t touch it It requires continuous monitoring and modification, implementation of new features and services included in our license
  20. Will it work for us? Hybrid approaches for some services: • Hybrid Azure AD Join – Azure AD Join • Exchange Hybrid • SCCM – Intune Co-management with Cloud Attach
  21. Solving problem with old EOS services by migrating and recommended way to go:
  22. News for Intune • New Intune plans Intune Plan 1, Plan 2 • Intune Suite • PEM, Remote Help, Advanced Endpoint Analytics, ServiceNOW integration, Android/iOS per app MAM tunnel • LAPS in cloud, Windows LAPS • Managing 3rd party patching • Managing driver and firmware updates from Intune
  23. Microsoft VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) options
  24. Microsoft VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) options
  25. Our mission is to find and implement the right solution for the modern workplace in your company.
  26. Automate your application installations and updates in Microsoft Intune
  27. Automated environment • Automated and managed access to corporate data • Automated deployment of endpoint, updates, apps • Automated SOC with MDfB • Automated compliance and device management • Automated protection of documents • Automated protection of endpoint hardware failure
  28. We support you on the way to the digital workplace with M365 Questions?