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Freemsdnsubscriptiononmpn 130924033634-phpapp02

  1. 1. How To BenefitFrom Free MSDN Subscription on Your Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) https://rightclicksp.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/microsoft-partner- network-mpn-and-msdn-subscriptions/
  2. 2. Microsoft Partner Network • The Microsft world an ever growing community. • Many of the Organizations and Individuals are Microsoft Partners for different technologies and services. • Microsoft offers great benefits via Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) • If you are a MPN member, you get free access to MSDN Subscription
  3. 3. MSDN + MPN • MSDN Subscription allows you to access all latest software from Microsoft for free • You can also get great discounts on MS Azure membership via MSDN Subscription • How to associate MSDN Subscription with MPN membership??
  4. 4. • Login to MPN website. From the homepage, choose Membership option.
  5. 5. • Click on Manage my membership. You will be taken to the Manage my membership page. From here, click Partner Membership Center hyperlink.
  6. 6. • Look for Requirements and Assets menu option and choose Assign Privileges
  7. 7. • Go to MSDN Subscriptions tab
  8. 8. • Now if you are a “Primary Contact” person for that MPN account or a person having adequate privileges to manage the MPN account, you will see a table/listing of all those employees/persons associated with this particular MPN account. • Locate the particular person to which you want to assign MSDN subscription. • There should be a check box at the extreme right which you have to check. This will result in generating a Technical ID for that particular person. The technical ID will get displayed against the person’s name in one of the columns on the listing of persons.
  9. 9. • Now, the person who has been assigned MSDN subscription should go to msdn.microsoft.com and log in with his/her Live ID/hotmail id. Once you log into msdn.microsoft.com, you will either see this menu: • Or choose this menu option:
  10. 10. • You can choose the “Register a subscription” option or go to My Account and add another subscription (which you have just got from MPN network). In either case, you should get following screen:
  11. 11. • Add your first name, last name and the Live ID or hotmail Id email address. In Subscriber ID field, add the Technical ID that you were provided in the MPN network. • Important: Once you click Next, it is quite likely that you get an error. Because it takes some time for the Technical ID to get reflected in Microsoft’s systems. In my case, it took a few hours. • Once this is done, you can go to Azure website using the same Live ID/hotmail ID and Voila !! you will find yourself presented with the great MSDN Subscription !! (In my case, it was MSDN Premium). • So enjoy the great benefits of MSDN Subscription to develop great technical skills for yourself and your Organization !!
  12. 12. All the best ! Check out same presentation at: http://rightclicksp.wordpress.com/2013/09/22/microsoft-partner-network-mpn-and-msdn- subscriptions/

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