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Aalto Games Research

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Gameplay innovation through technical innovation: exergames, animation, computer vision.

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Aalto Games Research

  1. 1. Aalto Games Research Asst. Prof. Perttu Hämäläinen Dept. of Computer Science (SCI) Dept. of Media (ARTS) Professorship: Computer games Video Showreel: http://urly.fi/xqF
  2. 2. Research themes • Gameplay innovation through technical innovation. • Novel creativity tools to save time and create fresh aesthetic. • All things human movement: exergames, animation, computer vision
  3. 3. Mission • Improve health through motivating physical activity • Create new mixed reality sports, and extend the audience of existing sports (e.g., diversified challenges)
  4. 4. Cross-disciplinarity • Computer vision and sensors • Bodily human-computer interaction (HCI) • Perception and action in virtual environments • Sport and exercise psychology • Procedural character animation (”motion AI”) Images from motion AI paper presented at SIGGRAPH 2015
  5. 5. Where do we publish? • ACM CHI, CHI PLAY, ACM SIGGRAPH, Transactions on Graphics, International Journal of Computer Science in Sports (IJCSS), Sports Technology... • Research approach: create technology and experimental research games, use the games as research instruments • Contributions in the form of – New algorithms, interfaces, interaction design approaches – Player experience data, design guidelines and insights
  6. 6. Let’s collaborate if you’re interested in • Sports technology & motor learning • HCI, bodily interaction • Animation • Machine learning with movement or games-related datasets (motion data, optimal control trajectories, physics simulation results, player behavior...) • Finding game applications for your novel technologies perttu.hamalainen@aalto.fi http://perttu.info http://urly.fi/xqF (YouTube showreel)