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Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing by Wiley Interface

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This infographics showed how you can maximize your reach to the physicians using multichannel marketing approach.

Read more on http://www.interface.wiley.com/infographic-multi-channel-pharmaceutical-marketing/

Find out how you can determine the right channel mix for your physicians to communicate your brand’s message effectively. Talk to us today at corporatesalesasia@wiley.com to apply multichannel marketing in practice.

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Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing by Wiley Interface

  1. 1. 80% 87% 69% 64% 57% U.S. South Korea India Indonesia China Most Effective Digital Channels Multi-Channel Pharmaceutical Marketing Communicating Your Message to Physicians Today’s physician gets information on multiple platforms - from meetings, online and print. How do you reach them across multiple channels in the most effective way? Mobile Apps Advertising Journal Articles PrintMicrositesMeetings Sales growth Reduction in marketing costs > 10% 10-25% Maximize effectiveness by delivering e-learning programs based on Wiley journal articles Activity-Based E-learning Online Journals and Publications indicated a positive influence of online journals on their prescription intent Top digital resource used between patient consultations by physicians in Australia Most influential digital channel for physicians in China1 46% Shifting Channels for Engagement Effective Multi- Channel Marketing In 2014, almost one in threedirect face-to-face prescriber interactions were replaced by digital interactions. Digital Channels increase in budget spent on digital channels for promotion in 2013 More than 50 of physicians prefer to get medical information through online channels % 14.1% Webinars and eCME Highest overall impact on physicians Physicians in Australia are interested in engaging with pharma through webinars46% Reach Your Physicians Through Customized Content on Their Preferred Channels BCG, “Breaking Through the Noise: Pharmaceutical Multichannel Marketing in a Digital World”, 2014 Cegedim, “Multichannel: Remote Interactions — A Value Channel that Makes You Time Rich”, 2014 Manhattan Research, “Taking the Pulse® Global 2013” Quantia & Capgemini Consulting, “The Digital Dynamic: Changing the Pharma-Physician Interaction”, 2013 Kantar Health, “Digital Life Physician Unique insights into the digital communication habits of Korean physicians”, 2014 Edelman Indonesia, “2013 Healthcare Professional Survey” Google & Manhattan Research, “The Doctor’s Digital Path to Treatment”, 2012 Accenture, “Digital Channels – Reaching Doctors in China”, 2011