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Stephen Wyber, Manager, policy and advocacy, IFLA HQ, Netherlands IFLAs position on legal issues with Document Delivery and Resource Sharing

  1. Promoting Global Document Supply Globally Stephen Wyber, Manager, Policy and Advocacy, IFLA 4 October 2017, Paris
  2. If you only remember three things… •  Your work is at the heart of IFLA’s •  Your work is at the sharp end of copyright debates •  Your war stories matter
  3. Why Advocate?
  4. Berne Convention Obligatory Protections, Optional Exceptions
  5. 17000 Combinations…
  6. What Impact on ILDS?
  7. World Intellectual Property Organisation Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights
  8. Homework • Stories that matter • Support where possible • Guidance on Marrakesh
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