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Managing change in today's ever changing world of work

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Managing change in today's ever changing world of work

  1. 1. Managing change in today’sever-changing world of work
  2. 2. Table of content1. Word from Jan Hein2. The leader’s role for managing change3. Managing change efficiently: Key steps5. What doesn’t change? The importance of communication7. Destined to succeed in a changing world by Marc André Morel
  3. 3. Word from Jan HeinChange. It happens every day in today’s evolving world of work. The way we work is changing,the tools we use are changing, even the expectations employees and employers have are changing.Change is an inherent characteristic of any organization and like it or not, all organizations mustchange in order to remain relevant. But it is how change is managed that can be the differencebetween surviving and thriving in business. And as leaders of change, you have a critical role toplay in ensuring that the change effort is successful.Effective change management is about collaboration, discussion and open lines of communication.It is an opportunity for growth and innovation. Managing change involves building a commonunderstanding of the nature, scope and purpose of the change, along with the development ofa shared vision of the future.But just how can you lead a successful and rewarding organizational change initiative?As leaders in our industry, Randstad Canada’s aim is to provide guidance and support to youand your team in understanding the change process. This resource will help you understand thecomplexities of a change management initiative and your role and responsibilities in leading andsupporting the change. Whether you are embarking on a new change initiative or consideringchange within your organization, this guide can assist you at each stage of the process.Yours sincerely,Jan Hein BaxPresidentRandstad Canada 1
  4. 4. The leader’s role for managing change While successful change implementation requires buy-in and As a leader of change your role will be to support and support from all levels throughout the organization, in times encourage your staff throughout each phase. Resistance of change, the importance of managers and supervisors is to change is one of the largest obstacles that leaders are undeniable - but what do you really need to be doing to faced with when initiating a change effort. It can be very drive successful change? damaging to the process and can potentially stall the efforts to move forward if not addressed appropriately. There are Whatever the change, leaders must clearly communicate many reasons why an employee may resist change and so why the change is needed. Mobilize your team through as leaders of change, it’s important to be sensitive to how an inspiring vision, and be able to support and listen if you individuals respond while keeping in mind that the process encounter resistance. Leaders play a key role in addressing of commitment and acceptance takes time. resistance, understanding where it comes from, and crafting and delivering a message that will help employees view Expect and anticipate that people will go through the the benefits of the change, and support them through the transition process at different speeds and in different ways. transition. Your skills in communication, listening and coaching will be pivotal in identifying how to support your staff, both as Articulate a clear vision, explain where the opportunities individuals and as a group, so they can move through the lie for employees and highlight the possibilities in terms of phases as quickly and effectively as possible. growth and development, while providing sufficient training and support. Be sure to provide enough background information to make it clear why the change is needed and remain honest, transparent, fast, and fair. Randstad Canada: Facts about change Recruitment and technology: Technology has changed the way we do business. Mobile technology is used to create virtual teams and social media has become a key tool to reach customers and recruit top candidates. Interesting fact: Nearly two in five companies (37 per cent) use social networking sites to research job candidates, according to a CareerBuilder survey. Source: CareerBuilder, nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive from February 9 to March 2, 20122
  5. 5. Managing change efficiently: Key stepsThere are many different types of change and different Identify zones of resistanceapproaches to managing change. Finding an approach that • Identify the level of readiness of your organization.suits you and your situation goes to the heart of an effective • Identify all stakeholders and how the changeand successful initiative. And although it’s important to impacts them.recognize that each change situation will be unique, there are • Identify who in the organizations will be yourstill a number of common themes that will help ensure that the influencers, and who will be strong resistors.change process you decide to implement stands the greatest • Prepare a risk mitigation plan which covers lack ofchance of success. readiness (plan for additional training tools, externalHere are some high-level principles that your organization consultants, extra resources…).can apply to ensure change is managed successfully: Communicate and involveDescribe the benefits • Announce the change far in advance, allow people • Choose a project sponsor among your executive time to prepare. leaders who will communicate the vision and explain • Craft a message that is clear and transparent for each the rationale behind the change. of your target groups. • Clarify company vision and specific change plans. • Provide sufficient information on the steps leading to • Identify what the company-wide benefits are the change and include details in order to avoid rumours. (from a business perspective). • Acknowledge when you don’t have the answers but • Acknowledge the negatives of the change. emphasize that change will happen. • Identify the ‘’what’s in it for me’’ from the • Before and during implementation, involve people in employee perspective (what the employee can get out the process (surveys, sandbox testing, focus groups). of the change). • Communicate using multiple media channels (blogs, power points, etc.). Get feedback and reinforce Randstad Canada: Facts about change • Put in place a support team to resolve issues and Skills shortage: Talent shortages, especially in technical develop FAQs to respond to anticipated questions. fields, will continue to be the most pressing issue for • Organize a post-mortem session or create a employers over the coming years. The ageing workforce post-change survey. has a huge impact on the participation rate in the • Make sure you keep lines of communication open to labour force, which is projected to decline during the allow people the ability to communicate issues, next two decades. questions, suggestions or concerns. Interesting fact: 55 per cent of Canadian employees say Monitor results they expect a shortage of highly qualified employees • Measure results. Revisit the initiative periodically and within the next three years. realign it to your business goals. Source: Randstad Workmonitor, third wave (July 17 to • Establish KPI’s and assess bottom line results. August 15, 2012). • Evaluate your program with ongoing metrics that will identify weak areas and minimize any downside to unanticipated new issues. 3
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  7. 7. What doesn’t change?The importance of communicationKnowing how to communicate change is critical to the Create a communication checklistsuccess of any communication strategy. Before embarking on a change initiative, take the timeEffective communication during a change effort will serve to prepare a communication checklist. Keep in mind,to provide employees with timely and accurate information, there is no single checklist that will steer you throughwhich can positively influence whether the organization this change process, as managing change is complex. Butcan maintain employee productivity, morale and overcome by asking yourself the questions below when developingresistance to change. your checklist, it will help you reflect on how you are communicating change, your current stage of developmentThe key is to emphasize the benefits of adopting the and any further actions required.change, and adapt your message to each different group, asthe benefits may not be the same for everyone. One of the • Are you delivering a message that is consistent withbest ways to help employees cope with change is to allow that of the president, the executives, andthem to become a part of the process. Involve workers in HR department?the planning process, make sure you put in place channels • Are you effectively showing your support forto provide and collect feedback to better understand your the change?employees’ concerns and issues. • Does your message relay how the change will affect employees and the business? • Does your message clarify the vision, plans, and progress of the change initiative? • Have you clearly communicated what is expected of employees and the resources available to them to help Randstad Canada: Facts about change them through the transition? • Are all of your communications timely, transparent, The complex composition of the workforce: and accurate? Employers must deal with a very diversified, multi- • Are you creating opportunities for feedback generational workforce. and following up on items of concern following Interesting fact: Younger Canadians (-40) mainly look these conversations? for international/global career opportunities, while the older Canadian workforce (+40) are more concerned with competitive salaries and benefits. Source: Randstad Award survey 2012 The increasing need for more flexibility: As working mothers and fathers with child or elder-care obligations struggle to balance work and family responsibilities, they are more likely to require flexible work arrangements. Interesting fact: 88 per cent of Canadian businesses are now offering their employees some form of flexible work arrangements. Source: Regus PLC, March 2011 5
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  9. 9. Destined to succeed in a changing worldby Marc André Morel1. Recognize and appreciate your ability to adapt 3. Creating parallels between the old and the new Every day, thousands of living species disappear from the Human beings don’t fear change, they fear the loss of planet forever. Even though humans have at times been what they know. When computers were first introduced, helpless in the face of the elements and certain predators those of us who had only ever used a typewriter were that roam the Earth, there are two main reasons why our fearful of their screens, which seemed to keep everything species has survived for thousands of years: the first is our inside. Many thought of the computer as a “luminous ability to adapt, the second will be revealed later on. prison” of sorts, until they made either a conscious or unconscious decision to notice the similarities between2. Learning to deal with things that scare us the mechanical object and its electronic counterpart: both Change is not the problem. Winning $12 million in had QWERTY keyboards, although backspace and delete the lottery would be a major change, but it would be keys rendered the use of white-out obsolete. We no welcome. The reason for this is that I could still keep longer needed to use our fingers to adjust the roller, for doing what I was doing before; I wouldn’t lose anything. we now had a cursor that could be moved using either Depending on my choices, the only thing that would the arrow keys or a mouse. The list goes on. change is the quantity of my possessions and the quality of my life. The same might be said for cosmetic changes 4. Identifying and appreciating personal made to my work environment (i.e., interior design, advantages furniture, system upgrades, day care arrangements, break One obvious and very important step occurs when we room, workout room, restaurants and cafeterias, etc.). My learn to appreciate the advantages of the new method. work experience exists in the realm of what is “known.” As was noted in the previous paragraph, we no longer It stems from the same habits and points of reference. have to deal with white-out blotches, so editing is more simple and efficient. We now waste less ink and paper, and results are more professional overall. Despite much resistance, electronic word processing was rapidly adopted by the mainstream. I must admit that it is sometimes necessary to do a little bit of digging to uncover certain personal advantages, but this is what I am encouraging you to do. For instance, try writing your issue at the top of a page (e.g., new computer service, SAP integration, new boss, etc.) and list its potential advantages for you, such as new skills, opportunities for promotion, better market value, new contacts, increased productivity, etc. 7
  10. 10. Destined to succeed in a changing world 5. Change your attitude, slowly but surely 6. Motor, don’t paddle Mark Twain once said, “A habit cannot be tossed out the Since time is always of the essence and because the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a economy privileges speed, it is easy to understand the time.” Truer words were never spoken. More than 100 motives of those high-powered executives who would years later, the scientific community has recently ruled on like to see their members adjust to certain changes in whether detoxification programs should be administered record time. That being said, many scientific experiments gradually or “cold turkey.” Research shows that when it show that resistance is not the issue – exhaustion is. comes to changing a habit or behaviour, 80% of people It is pointless to compare a person who is working respond better to the first method. In other words, hard within his or her comfort zone to someone who whether or not there are emotions involved, people need is making an effort to remain mentally sharp in an time. There will always be individuals who are able to effort to build momentum. The employee who is being quit smoking from one day to the next or adapt to a new asked to adapt to something only has a limited amount automatic method without difficulty and move on to SAP of patience, strength, and perseverance. Just like a just as quickly, but these people are few and far between. motorboat, which must constantly run at full power just to keep moving – employees who hop into the boat and I would therefore suggest the implementation of a paddle to get to the next place will unfortunately grow “positioning” period, several weeks or months prior to very tired, very fast, whether they are motivated or not. the change. Rally a team of teachers, mentors, coaches, This is often wrongly perceived as resistance. As a result, and specialists to create a systematic skill-transferring their aching muscles force them to turn around and go program where no one’s ego will be harmed. Organize back to previous methods, which were much less taxing. confidential one-on-one meetings where candidates Imagine what would happen if you were to implement a who require a closer and more extended follow up number of new measures each year! can express themselves freely, without being judged, in an environment where all of their questions may be answered. Following this positioning period (when you will promote the impending change) and the communication of the transformation or innovation comes the period of “reinforcement.” This triad – borrowed from the launch cycle of a professional training activity – will inevitably ensure that new work methods are ingrained into the DNA of all members of your organization, gradually and without causing exhaustion.8
  11. 11. 7. Use emotion rather than motivation Marc André Morel In this regard, relying on people’s motivation to reach Founder of Morel Leadership International and Leader new dimensions, states of mind, or business processes is a Publishing, Marc André Morel has delivered close to two disaster waiting to happen. Even for the best teams made thousand inspiring, educating and entertaining sessions up of motivated, competent and talented individuals with to both English and French audiences across Canada, the outstanding attitudes, success is only temporary; sooner or United States and Europe. With four published titles, he later, your team will need to be replaced. Picture yourself is a best-selling author, columnist, coach and consultant. at a strategic planning retreat, discussing recent losses due to a weak quality control system within your team. www.MarcAndreMorel.com What would be more efficient: an elaborate PowerPoint presentation, or 21 cubic feet of your company’s defective products dumped in the middle of the boardroom? Choose the latter tactic, and even the most vocal member of your group is sure to stop talking. In other words, there’s nothing like emotion to spark a real change or even pure transformation. Viewing advertisements about the dangers of texting while driving might serve to remind you of the importance of being safe on the road, but your impulses will remain; in other words, you will be required to “paddle upstream,” against your bad habits and desires. On the other hand, waking up in a hospital bed because of a distraction that caused you to have a brush with death is bound to change you forever.8. Cultivate a spirit of collaboration Despite all of our talents and the passion we have for our work, we can’t succeed alone. Throughout history, with its many changes and transformations, two things have contributed to the survival of the human race: the first is our ability to adapt, the second is our spirit of community. When times are tough, one of the worst things you can do is retreat to your cubicle and hide behind your e-mail and voicemail inboxes.9. Don’t be dramatic! No matter what, the discomfort is only temporary! 9
  12. 12. AboutRandstad CanadaRandstad Canada is the Canadian leader for staffing,recruitment and HR Services. As the only fully integratedstaffing company in the country, we understand therecruitment needs and demands of employers and jobseekers across all levels and industries. Through our insightfulknowledge of local markets, employment trends and globalnetwork of recruitment experts, we are shaping theCanadian world of work.Find out how Randstad Canada can help you find andmanage the best talent to move your business forward.Visit randstad.ca.