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Product Placement - A Film 240 Flipbook

Filpbook on Product Placement.

Meant for Film 240, a class within Queen's University.

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Product Placement - A Film 240 Flipbook

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  4. 4. “It can’t be used as a tank. It can’t be used to roll over zombies,” - David Matathia, Director of advertising at Hyundai.3 There’s usually guidelines set by the company that is paying for the placement, such as Hyundai’s preferences in their car placement in the TV show The Walking Dead. Kane, Colleen. "7 Signs America Has Gone Crazy for ‘The Walking Dead.’" Fortune. N.p., 11 Oct. 2015. Web. 22 Oct. 2016.
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  13. 13. Product Placement is EVERYWHERE. • In the theatres • On your home TV • The Internet Image Designed by Freepik
  14. 14. Experimental Psychologist Ian Zimmerman, Ph.D. suggests that the only way to avoid product placement is to stop watching TV and Movies completely.7
  15. 15. Implicit attitudes: attitudes that unknowingly become associated with other attitude objects.7 Product placement can directly influence our implicit attitudes, such that our attitude toward a TV program or film becomes unknowingly associated with products placed in that TV program or film. Image Designed by Freepik
  16. 16. Product Placement is a Hybrid Message It is a form that contains two kinds of brand promotion 1. Advertising It’s paid for and promotes the brand’s product. 2. Publicity It’s hidden, and appears natural, and often leaves a good impression on the viewer.1
  17. 17. • Association principle • Emotional Sell • Sexual sell • Social connections sell • Humour sell • Celebrity endorsement5
  18. 18. • An average 30-second commercial spot costs $50,000-$400,000 (not including production costs) • Product placement costs a fraction of that.6
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