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  1. 1. General feedback on your ”dress rehearsals”
  2. 2. The TEXT!  Eleven visar sin förståelse genom att redogöra för, diskutera, kommentera och dra slutsatser om… vad? Innehåll och detaljer!!!! Giving examples from the text? Good! Quoting from the text? Good!
  3. 3. Preparing!  Eleven kan välja och använda strategier som löser problem, förbättrar interaktionen och för den framåt Preparing is showing you can use strategies! Rephrasing if you don’t know a word is a strategy! Taking responsibility for the discussion climate by asking follow-up question, inviting people into the discussion, listening to other and being supportive are strategies!
  4. 4. Formal language, people…  Mindfuck? No. Being manipulative? Yes. Getting banged? No. Was sexually molested? Yes. Fuck!? No…. What I’m trying to say is…? Yes. Use the authors last names when talking about them. Learn the names of the people in the book!
  5. 5. Sticking to the topic!  Kan agera utifrån budskap och instruktioner i innehållet Stick to the question! Answer the whole question! Don’t go bananas and lose yourself in some topic like the druggist that Burroughs wrote about and talk about medicine and one time when you went to the pharmacy and the lady there wore a reaaaaally cool blouse and it was actually see-through and you got
  6. 6. PS. Know your stuff!  Keep track of time! Keep track of names… Herbert, Hubert, Humpert…HUMBERT!