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QCards: Dynamics CRM and CPQ

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QCards: Dynamics CRM and CPQ

  1. 1. presents CRM & CPQ in partnership with
  2. 2. We answer your CRM CPQ questions Eric Nies Dynamics Channel Lead Marc Hadley-Smith CRM Practice Lead CPQ experts in Dynamics CRM and AX Offices 16 countries and 400 employees Global leader in enterprise software since 1968 Top UK Microsoft Dynamics partner 2015 Distinguished Dynamics ERP and CRM solution provider: with over 620 years of combined experience Over 650 Dynamics implementations across multiple industry sectors
  4. 4. Personalised Proactive Predictive Customer engagement Social for everyone
  5. 5. sell Customer 360 Gain visibility into past and planned customer interactions and activities across marketing, sales, and service Guided sales process Improve execution by guiding sales reps toward desired outcomes with contextual recommended next steps Office 365 and Sales Increase productivity with familiar, intuitive solutions like CRM for Outlook, immersive Excel, and embedded OneNote inside the Sales solution Accounts & opportunities
  6. 6. sell Lead Oppty Quote Sale Invoice Suspect Prospect Market lists Qualification Value Probability Sales Stage Unstructured Value Structured Value Products Price lists Revisions Submission Delivery information Order confirmation Paid Unpaid
  7. 7. Cincom CPQ for Dynamics CRM/AX
  8. 8. Differentiator: “the competency of the vendor in assessing and implementing a CPQ solution”. Growing interest in CRM
  9. 9. Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) The tools to consistently align with the way clients want to buy: Make the perfect fit for client needs by guiding sales people and customers through an intuitive selection and configuration process Help the client make an informed buying decision by producing content-rich quotes and proposals Speed delivery by automatically generating detail information to drive manufacturing/fulfillment … across all channels, applications, devices
  10. 10. Managed Solution Integrated CPQ - Solution Configurator - Proposal Generator Advanced CRM capabilities - Product catalog - Quote management - Specials handling Integration - Multi-Channel Sales Portal - ERP, engineering, other Intelligent Selling capabilities for Dynamics CRM
  11. 11. • Can you help me? • When can you deliver? • Will it be right? Customers Dealers Sales reps Engineering Inside sales Customer Service Manufacturing Engineering Installation Delivery Other back office • How much will it cost? • What can we offer? • Can we do it? • Can we deliver? • Furnish to Order? Dedicated Specialist headcount Customer dissatisfaction, error recovery Lost orders average 20% of sales Transaction Costs High cost for customization Proposals take weeks
  12. 12. Customers Dealers Sales reps Engineering Order processing Manufacturing Engineering Service delivery Other back office Product Information & Knowledge PLATFORM Sales & Product Knowledge User Selected Options Product & Option Management Document & Output Modeling CPQ FOUNDATION Inside sales
  13. 13. Guided Selling Solution Configuration Quote Management Proposal & Output Generation • Needs Analysis • Selection • Cross Selling • Up Selling • Feature-based Price • Quote Pricing • Specials Handling • Approvals • Documents/Packages • Drawings/3D Models • Rendered Images • BOM & Route • Service Tasks Customers Dealers Sales reps Engineering Order processing Manufacturing Engineering Service delivery Other back office Product Information & Knowledge PLATFORM Sales & Product Knowledge User Selected Options Product & Option Management Document & Output Modeling CPQ FOUNDATION • Products & Services • Configuration • Visualization Inside sales
  14. 14. Enterprise Scale Platforms Configurators • Single business Unit • Single channel • Single device CPQ Platform • Multiple business units • Multiple product lines • Multiple channels • Multiple devices ExtensibilityofSolution Scope of Problems Solved
  15. 15. Value of an Integrated Platform Better User Experience • Simply, it looks like MS CRM • Deeper functionality than standard “configurators” or “catalogs” found in native CRM/ERP solutions Leverages MS CRM base platform capabilities • Auditing • Workflows • Reporting • Process Flows • Forms • Role based accessibility No data replication: all data is managed in MS CRM database tables and user interface Upgradable and managed: work along side other ISV solutions that are installed into your MS CRM solution. Further extend, using familiar tools • Forms, • Tables, • Fields, • Views, • etc. Less code and more business rules: write Configuration rules that seamlessly integrate with MS CRM entity/data, without IT based plugins.
  16. 16. All within Microsoft Dynamics CRM SPECIAL REQUESTS Support for special product and pricing requests QUOTATIONS Standard & Configured Items and Bundles PRODUCT CATALOG Integrated Product Catalog and Configuration Template Library PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS Generated Proposals automatically attached to Quotation EXTENDED QUOTE ACTIONS Copy, Revise, Send to ERP, and more… SOLUTION CONFIGURATOR Integrated Quote and Item configuration
  17. 17. Powerful, Flexible Rules Engine Enterprise Knowledge Base o Decision Knowledge o Constraint Knowledge o Generative Knowledge Intuitive Modeling Tools Drag-and-Drop Application Builder Easy to Integrate Rules Engine CPQ Foundation
  18. 18. Increase Sales Productivity & Effectiveness Reduce Sales Support Costs Streamline Fulfillment Enable Growth • Quote volumes • Higher win rates • Larger deal sizes • Higher margins • Self-sufficient • Less need for specialist support • Eliminate error checking • Consolidate legacy tools • Ensured product specification accuracy • Automate generation of information • Drive production and delivery • Faster product introduction • Accelerated sales rep training • Greater dealer preference • Leverage more sales channels CPQ Foundation
  19. 19. Creating the #connectedcompany
  20. 20. Strategic sales planning Maintain a strategic focus by tracking industry trends, customers, and competitors Sales performance visibility Monitor sales performance and provide coaching, reinforcement, and rewards Sales process management Built-in best practices ease on-boarding of new sales reps and standardize customer engagement Planning & management
  21. 21. Document collaboration Create winning proposals and presentations as a team with document management and real-time co-authoring and sharing Enterprise social networking Harness the collective wisdom of the entire organization by discovering and sharing ideas about customers via Yammer Communication tools Reach experts throughout the organization with contextual presence, IM, voice, video, and online meetings via Skype for Business Collaborative selling
  22. 22. Tablet and phone apps Make every second count and increase productivity by enabling sales reps to work seamlessly across tablets and phones, guided by business process Voice commands Quickly manage data using intuitive natural language voice commands to create new records, schedule meetings, set reminders, and find information CRM for Outlook Work anywhere anytime with an intuitive, familiar solution that provides seamless support across offline and online Mobile sales
  23. 23. Live dashboards Track data for the overall business in one place and monitor progress against KPI’s Interactive reports Drill through to underlying reports to explore and discover new insights Simplified exploration Ask questions and interact with data in new ways with natural language query Sales analytics
  24. 24. Join us next month: Accounts Payable with
  25. 25. Thank you For a free consultation contact us +44 (0)20 7451 1200 info@quantiq.com QuantiQ Technology @QuantiQTech

Notes de l'éditeur

  • First, let’s take a step back and look at our broader customer engagement solution. Our mission is to enable companies to deliver intelligent customer engagement – resulting in amazing customer experiences. We do that via end-to-end customer engagement that is personalized, proactive and predictive. We help companies:

    Market Smarter – so they can build their brand, engage with customers 1 to 1, and demonstrate the impact of their marketing initiatives
    Sell Effectively – so they can zero in and focus on what’s most important, win faster, and sell more.
    Care Everywhere – so they can earn customer loyalty, empower their agents and stay agile and adaptive as a service organization
    And we have an unique approach to social – Social for everyone – so companies can listen everywhere, analyze sentiment and drive customer engagement. And with Microsoft, it’s integrated, contextual social for marketing, sales and service people…not just social for a few designated people in marketing.

    Now, let’s drill into Sales by Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Microsoft's Sales solution enables salespeople to manage accounts and opportunities in an intuitive and familiar environment. We saw earlier that when salespeople switch tasks, they lose productivity. Microsoft’s solution aligns with how salespeople want to work, which boosts satisfaction and productivity. When it’s easier and faster to manage accounts and opportunities, salespeople have more time and energy for customers. The immersive Excel experience enables salespeople to conduct what-if analysis, such as pipeline analysis, in Excel, directly from the Sales solution, so salespeople can work with their preferred tool without leaving the context of their work. Embedded OneNote facilitates note taking and sharing directly from the Sales solution. Now salespeople can easily capture pictures and hand-written notes for sharing with the sales team. CRM for Outlook is another great example of how salespeople achieve greater productivity by managing accounts and opportunities directly inside Outlook. Salespeople are already using Outlook daily to manage their interactions with customers. Rather than forcing them to leave Outlook to complete sales tasks, Microsoft has embedded a full sales experience inside Outlook, to optimize sale productivity.

    Microsoft eases on-boarding and business process re-alignments with a user interface paradigm that has built-in process, which helps users ramp-up quickly. With our process-centric experience, salespeople get the help they need when they need it and aren’t required to memorize process steps. This type of contextual guidance is especially critical since it mitigates the low retention rate of information acquired in training that I mentioned earlier.

    Something that is unique to Microsoft's Sales solution is the ability to keep sales reps informed about every interaction happening with their customers, from executive meetings to call logs and even marketing campaigns. Sellers and Account Managers even have the ability to control what campaigns are run against their customers – giving them ultimate control over their customer’s experience.
  • Cincom CPQ is designed to do just that. It provides all the tools a company needs to… (bullets)

    And… it’s structured to enable a company to do that
    across all direct and indirect channels
    using any/all applications - from CRM to ERP to eCommerce platforms
    Anywhere, any time using any mobile or desktop device.

    That’s a lot of power and a lot of flexibility.
  • Now let’s look a little more closely at how Cincom CPQ extends MS Dynamics CRM with these capabilities…
  • And it’s all right there in Dynamics CRM. Everything we’ve talked about is embedded into Dynamics CRM for easy, seamless access. Your sales people would never know this isn’t just part of CRM.
  • Today, we are here to talk about Cincom CPQ for Dynamics AX.

    Before we get into the details of our specific solution, let’s first talk in general terms about how Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) tools help you achieve some of the principle goals you no doubt have today.

    CPQ tools add value in some pretty clear ways… speak to slide content
  • QuantiQ exists to create a #connectedcompany.
    We build a solid technology platform on Microsoft Dynamics that provides visibility of performance across all departments and disciplines in your organisation without you having to spending endless hours digging through data.
    From the inception of your business idea where you are Sourcing resources to produce your product or service our technology allows you to track the origin of these components; build to spec or mass produce without losing track of the individual components, crucial in building a sustainable supply chain.
    Our Market module allows you to identify, segment and personalise marketing messages to your business our consumer targets.
    Building inventory, tracking the production process, buying in raw material and distributing your product or service is handled simply and intelligently giving you true line of sight across the Fulfil process.
    Sell more faster is a noble aim, made possible through our CRM enabled Sell module which provides opportunity management, forecasting, pipeline management.
    Making sure all your business fulfills on its regulatory accounting commitments is essential to any business exec, we deliver a fully auditable accounting function when we switch on the Account module.
    Delivering a smooth pleasurable customer experience is becoming vital to building a sustainable business, handle your customer queries, incidents and cases via one cohesive business platform…QuantiQ powered by Microsoft Dynamics delivers a #connectedcompany.
  • Microsoft's Sales solution offers the full breadth of sales planning and management capabilities for sales managers. Sales leaders can easily maintain a strategic focus by tracking competitors and customers. For example, they can gain valuable insight about competitors’ market developments, such as delays or setbacks with new product launches. This insight gives sales managers an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

    Analytic dashboards allow sales managers to easily track internal sales performance, drill in to find the root cause of problems, get the sales rep on IM, phone, or video conferencing, and come up with an action plan. With Microsoft’s guided sales process UI, sales managers can decrease ramp-up time of new salespeople and ensure that salespeople have the guidance they need to become A players. A recent CSO study determined that it takes most organizations 6 months to ramp up new salespeople. With Microsoft's Sales solution, salespeople ramp up more quickly, which means new salespeople are productive sooner.
  • Microsoft’s collaboration tools all work seamlessly in the context of the sales process, to help salespeople bring together colleagues to form a network that can address the needs and viewpoints of a wide range of stakeholders. Salespeople can collaborate on documents to create winning proposals and presentations as a team with document management and real-time co-authoring and sharing. Salespeople can reach beyond the sales organization to connect, discover, and share ideas about customers via Yammer. And finally, salespeople can find and communicate with co-workers across functions and geographies by utilizing embedded communications tools such as presence, IM, voice, video, and online meetings via Skype for Business.
  • We saw earlier that salespeople who don’t have mobile access to customer and business data suffer a loss in productivity. That’s not surprising given how often salespeople are on the go. Mobile Sales enables salespeople to tap into key information anywhere anytime by using popular devices such as Surface, Windows phones and tablets, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones. With access that is seamless across phone and tablet apps, sales reps can make every second count – whether it’s responding to customer questions or proactively engaging with customers, based on alerts received on the phone. Deploying mobile apps is easier for the organization since they don’t have to configure for every device. Their settings cascade across all devices and form factors. Microsoft does the heavy lifting by optimizing the layout based on the device.

    Microsoft’s Sales solution also supports voice commands. Salespeople can use intuitive natural language commands to retrieve or create data on mobile devices. For example, salespeople just have to say “CRM: show me Contoso Pharmaceuticals” to pull up the account.

    Additionally, Microsoft provides full offline support with CRM for Outlook, so salespeople can stay productive even without connectivity.
  • To monitor and coach sales teams and grow the business, managers need to be able to turn data into insights and then use these insights to make better, faster decisions. They can do all that with Microsoft Power BI’s live dashboards and reports that have drill-through, interactive, and visual capabilities. In addition, with Power BI, managers can get answers fast with natural language Q&A. And sales managers can conduct all the analysis on their own, without having to rely on any technical resources. Microsoft provides pre-built Power BI Sales Templates so that sales organizations can get up and running quickly.